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August 1st, 2008

It is August the First, and I am proud to announce that this blog is 1 year old today. This is also its hundredth post. Rejoice, one and all. I should hardly have to tell you there’s been an avalanche of high quality content here over the past dozen months. And some not so high, badly worded, or incendiary, but let’s forget about that, and instead concentrate on such timeless and thought-provoking highlights as:

Maps, Craps

Zounds! Swearing in Fantasy


Big Fish, Little Fish

But let it never be said that my best days are far behind me. Oh no. There’ll be plenty to look forward to in the coming months. Indeed, I’m on one of SFSignal’s Mind Melds right now talking about one of my favourite examples of worldbuilding along with some proper authors and editors and folks. Check it out. I pour praise on Scott Lynch. I know. You won’t see that too often. There should be some more in-depth interviews cropping up here and there over the coming weeks, which I will, of course, direct you toward…

I’m now, finally, after titanic struggles, drafting the seventh and last part of my fourth book, Best Served Cold, although there’ll be a lot of work to do when it is drafted. You know. Drawing the strands together. Sharpening action and dialogue. Reducing, simplifying, and focusing. Adding in some worldbuilding elements, would you believe. Consistent-i-fying it, as we say in the trade. Making it good. A lot of work. I’ll probably be talking about the approach to revising and editing as it happens.

Various different elements of artwork are gradually coming together, and when they’re done, with the permission of the various artists and designers involved I’ll hopefully be going through the process step by step, talking about the elements and how I (alright, alright, other people) came up with the ideas.

Occasional discussion of films, tv, video games, and perhaps even books will sporadically continue, and with the imminent release of Last Argument of Kings in the US I’m sure there’ll be a few reviews, polls, opinions, and other nonsense, both good and bad, for me to bring to your attention.

There might even be a bit more discussion of genre issues, from time to time, and perhaps a giveaway of proofs of Best Served Cold as there was with Last Argument of Kings, we will have to see…

Oh, and with Worldcon about to happen in Denver, I’m sure there’ll be a post in which I bitch about having lost the John W. Campbell award to Scott Lynch or one of the other most worthy nominees…

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