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Aetherica ’09

So I’m due to be a guest of honour at a new Fantasy Convention next year, called Aetherica, to be held in Chester, June 19th-21st. Peter Beagle, of The Last Unicorn fame, is currently the other Guest of Honour. Not sure what my involvement will consist of, but I’m guessing probably a Q&A; of some […]

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Last Argument in the US

Just a quick note to say Pyr’s US edition of Last Argument of Kings is now shipping from, more than a month early, you lucky things. Presumably it will soon appear also on the shelves of your regular brick and mortar bookstores also…

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What THEY Said Over the Last Month

High time for my periodic self-indulgent sado-massochistic trawl through the dark corners of the interweb. I can’t help it. It’s an addiction. So without further ado … Writer Bill Ward had a look at The Blade Itself: “at heart it’s a High Fantasy with a hardboiled, Sword & Sorcery attitude. The pace, the command of […]

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Lost by a Whisker…

So I failed to bag the John W. Campbell award for Best New Writer. The really frustrating thing was that I only just missed out… Well, if you count fourth out of six as just missed out. Yes, if it hadn’t been for the more popular half of the field the Campbell would be mine… […]

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In Orbit

Just a quick announcement since there’s been a press release, that Best Served Cold will be coming out in the US with the redoubtable Orbit books. In June 2009 (fingers crossed) roughly simultaneous with the UK release from Gollancz. No bust-up whatsoever with Pyr, who’ve been my US publisher to this point. I’ve got nothing […]

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No Country for Old Men

Hugely behind the times, of course, but I undertook to say something about this when I saw it, and it really is a very interesting film. I usually try to avoid spoilers, but in this case discussion of the unusual narrative structure will make that impossible. The film, as well as making me think on […]

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1 Today

It is August the First, and I am proud to announce that this blog is 1 year old today. This is also its hundredth post. Rejoice, one and all. I should hardly have to tell you there’s been an avalanche of high quality content here over the past dozen months. And some not so high, […]

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