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This Writerly Craft

There is a positive Trilogy of Interviews with yours truly up at Writer Unboxed, a site devoted to the craft and business of Genre Fiction and run by a whole set of writers, including Juliet Marillier, who ran this interview. It focuses a lot more on my approach and techniques of writing than the usual array of dumb jokes and me making an ass of myself. A glimpse behind the grease-paint happy clown face at the tortured artist’s soul beneath? Perhaps, my friends, perhaps…

Part the First
Part the Second
Part the Third

But don’t worry, I was interviewed for a podcast the other day and really made an ass of myself there, so if that’s what you came for, you’ve never got long to wait.

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Finished … Kind Of

Much to my delight, I finished the first draft of the final part of Best Served Cold while I was away, on holiday (rolls eyes toward heaven). That means I have an entire first draft, running from beginning to end. Currently just over 235,000 words long, which is about the same length as Last Argument […]

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Back from Italy

Phew. Back from a two week holiday in Italy, last night, absolutely knackered. Probably the hardest I’ve worked all year. We were in Rome for a week, then in rural Tuscany for a week (beautiful country). I think we slightly miscalculated the difference between taking a 6 month old on holiday (sits in a buggy […]

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Italy, Germany, Greece

Konigsklingen, Heyne’s german translation of Last Argument of Kings, is out a month early, and now available on Get ’em while they’re hot, German speakers… In great news for the ancient nation of Greece, Unicorn publishing have secured rights to translate the entire trilogy into Greek. I think that’s fourteen translation deals for The […]

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Uncharted Soul Overlord: Raising Fortune IV

This past month I played 3 games on the Playstation 3. See how I have amusingly combined their titles to make the name of this post sound like a badly translated Anime series? I will now discuss them in the order of playing. Simple as that: Overlord – Raising Hell A dark lord a la […]

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