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Eve Abercrombie

I don’t bore you with my personal life nearly as much as I bore you with nonsense about my writing, but I really had to make an exception on this occasion. My second daughter was born four days after term, on monday 23rd at 6.45 in the morning. She weighed five and a half pounds, tiny compared to Grace, who was a strapping nine when she was born. Anyway, mother and baby both home and doing well, but sleep, work, and posting may suffer in the next few weeks, if not the next eighteen years…

Say it with me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

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Still More Opinions

Opinions on Best Served Cold are continuing to spring up like mushrooms on a damp and misty autumn morning. Good thing they delayed the sending out of the ARCs to avoid loads of reviews appearing six months before publication. Now they’re all appearing three months before. I only invite you to examine the review at […]

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The Dice Decide Once More

It is the 16th of March, day of the death of the Emperor Nero and (I need hardly point out) 349th anniversary of the disbanding of the British Long Parliament. All over the world, people are putting on their tricorn hats back to front, painting their faces puse, and setting fire to the traditional suet […]

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More Opinions

As predicted, reviews of Best Served Cold have started springing up like saplings in springtime. Some are very good, one is very bad. Let us look at the good ones first then turn our attention to the rotten, like having a lovely warm shower and then diving head first into a peat bog… First to […]

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Retribution Falls

For the last three or four years I’ve barely been reading at all, mostly because the times I would once have spent with a book (tube journeys to and from work mostly) I’ve tended to spend on my own writing – either staring into space and thinking about things or slashing at print-outs with a […]

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Best Served Cold Extract

Proofs of Best Served Cold have slaughtered their guards, escaped from captivity and burst out into the wild, so I daresay we can expect the blogosphere to CATCH FIRE with reviews over the next week or two. In the meantime, for those of you unfortunate (or should that be fortunate) enough not to be an […]

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I'm a Big Number Two

Yes, indeed, SFSite have published their yearly readers’ best of list for 2008, and guess what’s sneaked in there at No. 2. It’s only Joe Abercrombie’s Last Argument of Kings. They said: “Abercrombie burst onto the fantasy landscape with bloody murder in his eye and a snarling shout that was not to be ignored.” Raaaaaaarrrghhhhhh! […]

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