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Scandinavians Rejoice!

Why? Because you have some of the most progressive governments, longest life expectancies, best education systems, aesthetically pleasing modernist furniture, and finest public services in the world? No, not that nonsense! Because of this:

I am coming to visit you!

Yes indeed, from the 25th to the 28th of June this year, to read from Best Served Cold, sign (and sell) that and other books, and answer all those questions you dare not ask by email. The itinerary looks a little something like this:

25th June 18.00 – Stockholm
SF Bokhandeln, Vasterlanggatan 48, 10317 Stockholm

26th June 18.00 – Gothenberg
SF Bokhandeln AB, Ostra Larmgatan 16, 41107 Gothenburg

27th June 14.00 – Oslo
Outland, Ostbanehallen, Jernbanetorget 1, 0154 Oslo

Man. It’s enough to make me wish I was Scandinavian. Just look at that poster. See how I smoulder. Look at the eyes, the eyes. Are you on fire yet? ARE YOU?

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Klatching on

I mentioned earlier that I would be appearing on a panel at sci-fi London on this Sunday May 3rd at 11.00, discussing the new heroic fantasy along with Stephen Deas, Adrian Tchaikovsky and my dear personal friend and bitter rival Tom Lloyd. Don’t miss it. As a further irresistible inducement, I can now confirm that […]

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Exciting News!

Oooooooh. Looks as if Best Served Cold will be Waterstones sci-fi/fantasy book of the month for June. That’s exciting for me, of course, because it means all kinds of excellent selling opportunities like end displays and tables and stickers, and those little tags on the shelves where x says they love y because of z. […]

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Back in the Trenches

Just been through the page proofs of Best Served Cold and made a few teensy little adjustments, which means the book is now officially out of the door as far as I’m concerned. Done, finished, and complete. I’m actually very happy with it, now, which is good, because for a long time – probably up […]

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Me thinks I haven’t done much talking about films recently, so … I watched Appaloosa last night. Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen are steely-eyed lawmen in a tough western town. Renee Zellwegger comes between them. Jeremy Irons and Timothy Spall stretch their accents past the point of complete credibility in support. Good cast. I love […]

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interviews, reviews, awards

Various things to link to. A lengthy and in-depth interview with me up at Literatopia, a german books-related site. English version here, German translation should be coming shortly. Though it occurs to me that if you can read this, your English is probably good enough to follow the English version. Anyway, we discuss all kinds […]

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Going Underground

Some among you have already emailed me to let me know that you’ve seen a most surprising – could one even say fantastical – thing, namely vast posters advertising my books on the London tube. Naturally I took these for elaborate pranks/sinister deceptions on the part of rival authors/belated april fools. Imagine my shock, therefore, […]

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Heroic Fantasy at Sci-Fi London

Heretofore, Sci-Fi London has been mostly a festival for the sci-fi film, but this year they’re also running some literary events, discussions with proper, honest-to-goodness authors such as that clever China Mieville, that insightful Charles Stross, that talented Chris Wooding, and yes, you guessed it, that unbearably smug Joe Abercrombie. You can see the full […]

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April Fool’s Winners

So the competition to win a signed, lined, and dated proof of Best Served Cold draws to an end, and it’s been quite the couple of months. There have been some 300 entries and you crazies tried pretty much every approach imaginable to coax, cajole, threaten and flatter those books out of me. The sentence […]

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