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Bedlam, Bath

Experiencing the most manic couple of weeks of my life at the moment. Been to Portugal for a wedding and Southport for a funeral with a two year old and a two month old in tow, and during the two days in between the two trips entirely packed up and moved all our stuff into storage, sold our flat in London, bought a house in Bath. That house has been rewired, has the plumbers in and will be shoddily decorated by me this week, then I’m off next Monday to sign a thousand books at the warehouse, will be looking after the kids on tuesday, will actually move in on wednesday, then I’m off to manchester, then london to do signings on thursday and friday. Life’s rich tapestry.

Progress on the new book, as you might imagine, has been negligible. At least this once I have an excuse.

To add to my woes my email is screwed, so I can get emails via the usual route (see contact page) but unfortunately cannot send any. So do not hope to get a reply to anything any time soon…

In the meantime, I note that Pat of the redoubtable Hotlist, noted organ of the internet sf&f; scene, has reviewed Best Served Cold and he actually quite liked it thank you very much:

“Abercrombie’s latest is his most ambitious work to date. Moreover, if it’s any indication of what he is capable of, it bodes well for the future indeed. His accessible style could make him one of the biggest names in the genre in the years to come.”

11 letters surely makes mine one of the biggest names in the genre already…

“Best Served Cold is an excellent tale of murder and vengeance. It’s a morally ambiguous work with many shades of gray. The good guys become the bad guys, and vice versa, and back again. There are more twists and turns than in The First Law, and I get the feeling that Joe Abercrombie truly came into his own while writing this one. Best Served Cold is filled to the brim with all the elements that made The First Law such an enjoyable reading experience, yet it is definitely the work of a more mature author.”

I have been accused of many things, but never before maturity.

“If you are one of those poor drifting souls who have yet to give Joe Abercrombie a shot, Best Served Cold is your opportunity to get acquainted with the author’s style. For fans of Abercrombie, it will scratch that itch and more. Hard to put down.”

You heard the man. Scratch that itch, people.

Right, back to the madness…

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Best Served Cold UK Tour ’09

It’s only three weeks until Best Served Cold comes out in the UK. Can you feel the excitement? Can you? To celebrate the occasion, I will be doing an exhaustive tour of the UK, where you will be able to get lovely new beautiful hardbacks of Best Served Cold signed, and perhaps even lined and […]

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