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Come to Eastercon and get Wood…ing

A little reminder that I shall be at Eastercon this easter weekend, from Friday through to Sunday, at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow.  I will probably be found in the bar for the majority, and will of course be more than glad to discuss how great/mediocre/disgraceful my books are/sign anything you like at any time, but specifically I will be found:

Saturday, 12.00-13.00, Hotel Lobby, Open Autograph Session – come get your books and other things signed.

Saturday, 14.00-15.00, Connaught, Writers and the Web – I know, what do I know about that internet nonsense?  But come see me reveal my ignorance in any case.

Also at Eastercon will be my Gollancz stablemate Chris Wooding (we don’t actually all live together in a stable, in fact, it’s a battered 80s caravan with campbeds and a single electric ring), apparently giving away vouchers for his book Retribution Falls:

I said it was good, I did, and now my opinion has been vindicated by those high-brow literary genre critic types at the Arthur C. Clarke award, no less, who have nominated Retribution Falls for the UK’s most prestigious science fiction award.  “Congratulations, Chris,” forced spittily through tightly clenched teeth with eyes that say, “I shall destroy you.”

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Bleed me a River

Orbit US have posted the provisional cover art for the US Hardcover of The Heroes.  Cover your face now, lest you be sprayed with gore.   Art by Steve Stone, design by the blood-thirsty Lauren Panepinto.  There may be a bit of tinkering in due course, most particularly with the map, which the sharp-eyed among […]

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Progress Report March ’10

Grappling with our ongoing building project at the moment, now more than nine months in the planning.  Waiting for quotes from contractors, sorting out a few intensely irritating and time-consuming details, looking for a house to rent when the builders come in (hopefully at the start of may) which is all, of course, a bottomless pit […]

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Emirates Festival of Literature 2010

Well this really was something entirely other.     How’s that for the wraparound cover of a near-future cyberpunk thriller?  The lights of the distant spaceport blink through the haze in the background, the steel and glass palaces of the rich and powerful.  In the midground scaffolding crawls over a downed star freighter, wallowing on its […]

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Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress

Ah, it’s good to be back.  For the last couple of weeks we’ve been in the long overdue process of moving the site across to WordPress, which has caused some interruption to posting and e-mail.  And when I say we, of course, I mean people other than me.  People who actually know what they’re doing.  […]

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Service Interruptions

Away in Dubai next week, and during that time the site is being moved across to a new platform, so there may be some lag in posting and interruption to the normal superb service that you have all come to regard as an indispensible part of your internet existences. A somewhat overdue overhaul of the […]

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Dubai Literary Festival

Don’t ask me how this happened, but a clerical error appears to have occured as a result of which I and my wife have been invited to the star-studded international extravaganza that is the Emirates Festival of Literature in Dubai. Perhaps in a freezing garret flat somewhere an important literary author called Jon Obercrombie is […]

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