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Imaginales – Epinal

So later this week and weekend I’ll be at the Imaginales Festival at Epinal in France, from Thrusday evening through ’til Sunday morning, along with other English-writing fantasists such as Jacqueline Carey, Kristin Cashore, and Greg Keyes and a galaxy of French-writing ones.  Not sure exactly what will be involved, but I would imagine some signing of books, some haunting the bar, some talking rubbish, and three specific events:

Friday 10.00, Magic Mirror 1 – The Great Warrior’s Return: A panel regarding the role of the warrior in fantasy.  Grrrrrrrr.

Friday 18.00, Magic Mirror 1 – Meeting with Joe Abercrombie – yes indeedy, an hour long interview with me, which may well include some readings from pieces old and new…

Saturday 16.00, Magic Mirror 1 – Sweat, Blood and Tears: a panel on grittiness, brutality, and realism in fantasy.  Oh yeah, that;s my wheelhouse.

Naturally I’ll be more than happy to sign anything at any time.  Collar me if you see me…

Edit: I am informed I have been removed from the Great Warrior’s Return and moved instead to another panel an hour later at 11.00:  Manifestations of Evil in Literature – Why do you write such horrors?  Why indeed?  Come and find out…

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Enhanced E-Books

E-Books!  The Future!  So bright it blinds me! Clearly they’re a rapidly growing (and mutating) sector of the market, and publishers and authors are still fumbling their way to a model that makes sense for everyone, as well as trying to find various ways to make new uses of this new technology. One thing we’d […]

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The Heroes – New Publication Date

Any of you who’ve spent time waiting for books to appear will know that the world of publishing can be a fickle business, and that publication dates are … let us say …malleable.  Writing is not a precise science.  There can be unforeseen problems.  Revisions can take longer than expected.  And that’s before you get […]

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Service Interruptions

Yeah, The Heroes is finished!  Again.  Kind of.  I’ve revised the last part now and it’s been sent off to my editor, so it is considered DELIVERED.  Pay day!  Time to celebrate!  Crack the special bottle!  And then start on the heavy revision of the first part, which always needs the most work.  Sigh. In […]

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