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Blade Itself Limited Edition Cover

It’s been a while getting there, but I’m delighted to unveil the cover for Subterranean Press’s limited edition of The Blade Itself:

Cover art by Alex Preuss, who has also provided endsheets and several colour plates for the inside.  No doubt it will be bound and set to Subterranean’s usual astronomically high standards.  The leather-bound lettered editions are all sold out, but if you’re interested you can still order the signed and numbered hardcover here.  They should be shipping later in the year.  I’ll let you know when I get a precise date…

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Corporal Tunny Weekend

Bremer dan Gorst week is over, the weekend belongs to Corporal Tunny. The Heroes has three major point-of-view characters, and three more minor ones.  Corporal Tunny is one of the latter, and therefore should only need a quick weekend to polish up (I hope).  He hasn’t appeared in my books before, so by way of […]

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What is Sword and Sorcery Anyway?

SF Signal’s latest Mind Meld feature asks the question, “what is your definition of Sword and Sorcery?” of thirteen writers and editors, all involved with the recently released S&S anthology Swords and Dark Magic.  They include such luminaries as Michael Moorcock, Steve Erikson, Garth Nix, Scott Lynch, Lou Anders, and that there Joe Abercrombie bloke….

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Bremer dan Gorst Week

The good news?  Third draft of The Heroes is finished, wooh!  That was addressing some general points from my editor and other readers, doing some tidying up, rewriting a couple of scenes that weren’t working as well as they might, and paying some greater attention to the setting and weather. The bad news?  Fourth draft […]

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God of War 3

Feels like it’s been an excellent year for video games.  I’ve played quite a number over the last few months, all of them good to some degree, but all sharing the fatal flaw that they’re not Red Dead Redemption.  Perhaps the least good amongst these (though certainly not without it’s redeeming features) was God of […]

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The Heroes Rough UK Cover

Take THIS. The first rough version of the UK cover of The Heroes.  As with Best Served Cold, it’s a collaborative effort.  The map is by Dave Senior from my original scrawl.  The axe is by Didier Graffet.  The design is by Laura Brett.  All co-ordinated by the incomparable Gillian Redfearn, of course.  Top class […]

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Off on holiday for a week from tomorrow, so look not for updates, responses, or moderation here in the mean time.  As usual with holidays, my thought process goes something like, “A ha!  No internet, building projects, or distractions, I can finally get some work done!”  One day, perhaps, I’ll go on holiday and won’t even […]

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