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The Heroes – Published

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I recommend to you my latest book, The Heroes, published today in the UK by Gollancz, and available NOW from all quality emporia of the printed word, and for that matter of the digital word too.  Further information here.  I think it’s rather good, but why take my lying word for it?  Comments from assorted reviewers include:

The Heroes is an indictment of war and the duplicity that corrupts men striving for total power: bloody and violent, but never gratuitously so, it’s imbued with cutting humour, acute characterisation and world-weary wisdom about the weaknesses of the human race. Brilliant.”
— Eric Brown, The Guardian

“Delivered in Abercrombie’s trademark witty style … This is an action-packed novel full of brutality, black humour and razor-sharp characterisation.”
— Dave Bradley, SFX (5 star review)

“It’s an excellent tale and arguably Abercrombie’s best book yet … Its pace really showcases his talent for differently voiced and realistically motivated characters … any genre fan can enjoy what’s one of the best fantasy books of the past year.”
— SciFi Now (5 star review)

“This blood-drenched, thought-provoking dissection of a three-day battle is set in the same world as Abercrombie’s First Law Trilogy (The Blade Itself, etc.), but stands very well alone … Abercrombie never glosses over a moment of the madness, passion, and horror of war, nor the tribulations that turn ordinary people into the titular heroes.”
— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

For those of you for whom the book alone is not enough, and who require a signature to go with it, I will be at Forbidden Planet in London tonight, talking, reading, and signing copies, Guildford Waterstones the following day, and Toppings of Bath that night being interviewed by Dave Bradley of SFX.  The tour will continue the following week, full details here.

And though our American brethren were not due to receive The Heroes until February 7th, I notice that those early birds at Amazon.com are actually already shipping it to citizens of the good old US of A.  I say that only in passing.  And link to it.  LIKE THIS.

You can also see me talking about The Heroes in the actual flesh upon the facebook page of my publisher, Gollancz, should you desire.  Hmmm.  I strangely look like my brother more with every passing year.  It’s not just the nose, it’s the whole manner.  But anyway, I shall be offline for a couple of days, but hope to update you at some point from the road.  Go forth, my children.  Buy, read, and enjoy…

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People keep telling me twitter is a wonderful thing, but I have given it a wide berth lest the quarter of my life that is not spent on the internet ends up spent, well … on the internet.  Or perhaps the twinternet.  But next week, to celebrate the release of The Heroes and etc.  I […]

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Ooooh, Tour, Interview

Look what I got in the mail… It’s only Joe Abercrombie’s latest UK Hardcover, The Heroes!  Look at it’s blood-red debossed foil gleam like a sea of blood beneath a gibbous moon.  But you’ve got to see the full wraparound to really get the impact: Holy cow, that is a good-looking book and I don’t […]

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The Heroes Minus Nineteen Days

Don’t know if you’re aware of this, but there’s this book coming out at the end of January called The Heroes.  As one would hope, a veritable tornado of publicity is beginning to sweep across the parched dustbowl that is the January sf&fnal press, both print and internet.  I always like to hear the good […]

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Best Served Cold for $2.99?

Yes indeed, my American friends.  Thanks to the dark machinations of my sinister overlords at Orbit, for this month only, e-books of Best Served Cold will be available at the scandalous knock-down promotional price of $2.99!  Nook!  Kindle!  Sony readers and many more!  Stocks are strictly limited, so act now!  Well, that’s not entirely true.  […]

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New Year, New Deal

A happy new year unto you all, dear readers, and with the new year comes all kinds of new things, some of them even better than screwing up every time you write a date! I have news, in fact, of something that happened early last year but which I haven’t got around to mentioning until now, […]

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