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Authority, Heroism, and Linking

Occasionally ideas come to me.  Diamond-edged insights into the nature of fantasy and the role of my own work within it.  Often in response to negative reviews about my work, as it happens… But not very often.  Which is why it becomes necessary for me to link to other people’s.  In this case, BC Woods […]

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Dragon Age 2

I really enjoyed the first Dragon Age.  This second outing, I must admit, not nearly as much.  It wasn’t bad, it passed some hours (though a lot fewer than the first game), and it did some clever things with character and narrative, but there was a distinct lack of epicness, a lot of repetition, and […]

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Game of Thrones etc.

So here’s an exciting thing.  For me, anyway.  And possibly even for you if you’re a lover of gritty fantasy literature (which you probably are, given that you’re here).  I’m flying out to LA on Thursday morning to interview George RR Martin for a Sky Books Special.  I know!  Your favourite grandmaster of edgy fantasy […]

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Sons of Anarchy

In short it’s a TV series about a biker gang starring the ever-dependable Ron Perlman among others, the first season of which I just finished watching after it was recommended to me by a few folks.  It certainly had its moments, and its interesting characters and scenarios, and at times tantalisingly dangled the possibility of […]

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