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One of those Weeks

You ever had one of those weeks?  I daresay we all have.  I was geared up to give a nice little optimistic progress report, then my wife got a bit ill, and before you know it she’s been in hospital for a week with an impacted gall stone.  Ouch.  Three children under five?  With my parenting skills?  What were they thinking?  So my brother and his wife came down to help.  Overnight she started feeling ill, and before you know it, she’s in hospital as well!  The veritable bed next door!  Ridiculous.  Then there’s been a veritable cornucopia of delayed joinery, urgent packages stopped by customs and levies charged, contractual wranglings and other such to distract me.  Then two members of my extended family died.


Luckily my wife came out of hospital this morning, so hopefully things can return to a normal level of panic.  But work somewhat delayed.  Perhaps we’ll have an optimistic progress report next week.

ON THE SUBJECT OF ENHANCED EBOOKS – some folks have been asking whatever happened to the enhanced e-book of The Heroes that I announced would be coming in January and … hasn’t.  Well, it is coming, but has been delayed by various design and retailer related issues.  Hopefully it will be released alongside the trade paperback of The Heroes in the next coupla months.  Watch this space.

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The Gateway

My Dark Masters at Gollancz have unveiled an interesting project – they’re using the latest digital e-book-ification technology to make available the entire backlists of various past (and in some cases current) giants of the genre, some of which are available dead tree style on their Science Fiction and Fantasy Masterworks lists, but a lot […]

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My Favourite Game and Other Stories

It positively snows interviews with me lately, for Edge Magazine have conducted one for their regular piece, My Favourite Game, in which some major celebrity, pillar of the community, hero to the common man, or entirely unknown fantasy author hold forth on video games.  It’s in the print version too, in case you still read […]

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SciFiNow FantasyCon Interview

Few.  That’s a bit of a mouthful.  But it does describe the situation, for SciFiNow are conducting interviews with the Guests of Honour at this year’s FantasyCon, and this week they’re talking to none other than me.  We talk about leading lights, exploding careers, moral ambiguity, the wild west and so on. Incidentally, FantasyCon 2011 […]

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