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Heroic Wallpaper

Sick of staring at the calming natural stylings of Apple or Microsoft’s default wallpapers?

Need a backdrop in more of a bloody yet humorous action fantasy mold?

Then today is your lucky day, because I note that Lauren Panepinto, art-meister general at my US publisher, Orbit, has produced some wallpapers using the new cover art from The Heroes.  What self-respecting fan of the works of Joe Abercrombie could be without?

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Structure II

It was about a month ago now I was proudly declaring the advent of new working practices, in which rigid timekeeping would lead to greater productivity and happiness.  Has it been a success?  Well … yes and no. You wouldn’t have thought it would be hard to find two two hour blocks of time in […]

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Infamous 2

Yes, very good indeed.  Electric superhero Cole McGrath has the choice of aiding the citizens of New Marais in their struggle against plague, fascist militia and mutant freakoids, or cackling evilly while he visits a new reign of terror upon them, and it’s all implemented very nicely.  The New Orleans style setting is big, varied […]

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On Blogging

Hmmmm.  I notice it’s a good couple of weeks since my last post around here.  When I started blogging I always said I’d try and do at least a post a week, and by and large I’ve kept to that, at times nosing up towards two a week, indeed, you lucky people.  The last thing […]

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