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Part 3

So you see it’s not all Skyrim down my way, as I’ve finished a first draft of Part 3 of my latest book.  Since there are five parts that means I’m well over half way through.  Starting to come together now, I hope, but it’s been a bit of a struggle this time around, I must admit.  Not absolutely sure why that is, in many ways it’s a much more simple story than the Heroes.  Perhaps that’s the problem – there are only two central points of view so they each have to carry more weight than might have been the case in my other books, and one of them I’m continuing to have some problems with.  It’s also the most organic, garden-y approach I’ve taken with a book so far and I may well be finding that it doesn’t suit me all that well.  Though I’ve got rough ideas of the content and a sharp notion of the final scene, I still don’t have the precise sequence of events in the fourth and fifth parts worked out in any detail.  Probably that’s the next task, just as soon as I’ve done a quick review of a short story I wrote at the start of the year for a forthcoming anthology…

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Skyrim (so far)

Oh, this is really good.  Tools down.  Cancel Christmas.  You will see me in three months.

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The Heroes for Two Bucks?

Yes, it’s true, The Heroes is today’s daily deal which means that FOR TODAY (14th November) ONLY lucky Americans can swoop upon the Kindle edition for the cutting-my-own throat daylight robbery price of $1.99.  No, that’s not a misprint.  One dollar ninety-nine cents.  That gives you … let me see … thirty-two violent deaths per cent. It […]

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Best of 2011

Ah, Christmas is well on its way, and what does that mean?  That’s right!  The endless round of Best of 2011 lists has already begun.  Isn’t that a little unfair on those books that will come out in the last two months (some 17%, after all) of the year?  Yes, maybe it is.  But who […]

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Dark Souls

I can’t take this… Yes, more strange, inscrutable gothic fantasy with the difficulty level ramped right up to INSANE from the folks who tested your sanity with Demon’s Souls.  In many ways this game appears a big improvement over the last one, which was certainly interesting itself.  The upsides?  The game world is pretty amazing, […]

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