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Forthcoming Appearances

That you may all mark out time in your calendars now, my preliminary schedule…

3rd-5th February – SFX Weekender, Prestatyn, Wales.  It’s been a real laugh the last two years, with a bigger and better venue this time around, and I understand some 4000 attendees expected, which I believe makes it the UKs biggest genre event by some margin.  I’ll be on a couple of panels:

3pm, Friday 3rd: Elf Preservation – without magic and monsters it’s not fantasy, is it?

4pm, Friday 3rd: Signing at the Forbidden Planet stand.

5pm, Friday 3rd: SF&F Just a Minute hosted by Paul Cornell and featuring the comic talents of me, Sarah Pinborough, China Mieville, and Toby Whithouse.  This should be a scream.  Of undiluted frustration and shame.

4pm, Saturday 4th: It’s not a story it’s a map – does fantasy place worldbuilding over character?

6th-9th April – Eastercon, Heathrow.  Looks as if I may be on a couple of panels related to the writing craft, but details as I have them.  I’ll certainly be haunting the bar if nothing else.

26th June – Middlesbrough Literary Festival for a reading and Q&A.

5th-7th October – Swedish Fantasy and Sci-Fi Convention, Stockholm, where I’ll be a guest of honour, would you believe.

2nd-4th November – GenreCon in Sydney, Australia.  This is a new event combining authors and enthusiasts from various genres.  It looks as though I’ll also be touring in Australia as part of this visit, but the exact details are very much up in the air.

More details as I have them….


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An Action Tour-de-Force

Time was I used to post every whiff of opinion about my books that google could sniff out.  Scrag end mention on an inactive LiveJournal account?  You’re in!  These days, I have to say, I’m a little more circumspect.  The quantity of opinion out there, it weighs heavy, and outside of the scramble of promotion […]

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Back from Detroit, somewhat jet-lagged and with a cold, but had a brilliant time – can’t remember more fun at a convention, in fact.  Some highlights? Doing a reading alongside Robin Hobb. Being taught the correct coastguard method of sticking my ass out while shooting by Myke Cole. Being mistaken for Admiral Akbar by John […]

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Gone Fishing

I’m off up to London and thence to Detroit City to participate in Epic Confusion, where activities will include an all-star authorial D&D session featuring: Brent Weeks – Cleric Scott Lynch – Gnome Illusionist Elizabeth Bear – Ranger Jim Hines – Fighter Peter Brett – Monk Pat Rothfuss – Wizard Joe Abercrombie – Thief And […]

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Uncharted 3

I really am spoiling you lot with the level of posting on this blog as late.  It is positively snowing high quality bloggage around here.  Let us see whether this continues into – I don’t know – the second half of January?  Anyway, to the matter.  The latest game wot I have played is Uncharted […]

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It seems to have become something of a fashion for authors to point out what they’re eligible for, marshalling their internet warriors for assault upon various awards, or possibly promoting the genre and its plaudits to a wider voting public, depending on how you see it.  A veritable internet arms race, some might say.  Others […]

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Ask me Anything

Ever dreamed of asking me a question but couldn’t be arsed to post on this blog?  Then all your dreams they come true, for between the hours of 11pm-1am GMT (That’s 5-7PM Central) on Tuesday Jan 10th I will be responding in real time to  questions posed by the generally public over at Reddit’s fantasy […]

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Best Served Cold, read by Steven Pacey

Audiobooks, folks, audiobooks.  Time was they were a real niche product, the preserve of long distance hauliers, sleepless children and the blind, but with the arrival of mp3 playing phones and digital downloads, they’re becoming a central part of the market no author can afford to ignore. Due to peculiarities of the way rights were […]

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Epic Confusion – Detroit

I am off to Detroit in a couple of weeks for Epic Confusion, January 20th-22nd, and it promises to be a doozy for fans of recent epic fantasy, or authors of it too for that matter.  First of all, I’ll be there – which is the defining moment of awesome for any convention, of course […]

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Batman: Arkham City

I really liked Arkham Asylum, thought it was one of those games where every detail has been polished until it sparkles, that provided some clever and innovative gameplay, and that, above all, managed to make every aspect somehow quintessentially batman.  Certainly disarmed, knocked the absolute crap out of, snapped the wrists of and left handcuffed […]

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