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Best Served Cold Limited

For this post I think I shall step back and let Raymond Swanland kick your ass:

The cover art for the limited edition of Best Served Cold from the ever wonderful Subterranean Press.  I’ve been a big admirer of Swanland for some time, but he’s gone for a slightly less fantastical, more realistic style than usual with this and I think it suits the book rather nicely.  Both numbered (limited to 500) and lettered (limited to 26) copies will include five black and white interior illustrations by the aforementioned Mr. Swanland, and from what I’ve seen of the roughs those will kick quite a sizeable quantity of ass as well.  Order early to avoid disappointment…

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Readers are certainly pretty damn useful.  No, I’m not talking about YOU lot, silly.  I’m talking about those privileged folks who get to read the book and comment as I’m writing it.  Yes, every writer needs some of those beta readers, as they are charmingly called, with overtones of software not quite ready for market, […]

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Snip, Snip

First stage of the edit on Red Country goes on.  I’m half way through the second part, now, and have done most of the serious changes, including mostly rewriting two chapters and heavy changes to a third in line with a big shift in how I’ve written one of the central characters, and I’m feeling […]

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Awards, Panels, Public Votes

Couple of interesting award-related things happened up at Eastercon over the weekend. The first was that The Heroes is on the shortlist for the David Gemmell Legend Award this year.  The cover is also shortlisted in the cover art section – congratulations to Dave Senior and Didier Graffet who already won the award for Best […]

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Red Country US Cover

Ooh.  Lookee here: I’ve been up at Eastercon since Thursday night, and hence totally failed to co-ordinate my posting.  Designer Lauren Panepinto already put it up a couple of days ago. But, nonetheless, let fly the legions of strange and wonderful comments I have come to expect whenever I present a cover. Also, you can […]

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Red Country Publication Dates

Make a mark in your diaries, for it looks like we now have some firm dates for the publication of (A) Red Country. UK: Thursday, Oct 18th 2012. US: Tuesday, Nov 20th 2012.

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Eastercon 2012

I’ll be up at Eastercon near Heathrow from Thursday 5th through to Sunday evening.  I’m on a couple of panels: Friday 5pm, Edwardian Room – There’s a Hole in my Plot Sunday 12pm, Royal B&C – Wench! Fetch yon Tankard Here! Sunday 5pm, Commonwealth – The Nature of Heroism And will otherwise be hanging out, […]

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