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Best Served Cold Limited Shipping

I received a copy of Subterranean Press’ rather beautiful limited edition of Best Served Cold, with jacket and interior illustrations by Raymond Swanland, through the post this morning:

Which suggests to me, for those that have been asking, that lettered and numbered copies should be shipping any time around now. Lettered are all sold out but I think some numbered are still available.  As I understand it, Mr. Swanland will soon be starting work on the limited edition of The Heroes, though I doubt it will be appearing any time soon.  More information as I have it…

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Longmorn 16 vs Highland Park 18

The second of our quarter finals matches the well-heeled Speyside charms of Longmorn 16 against the highly rated Island character of Highland Park 18. Longmorn 16 – 48% ABV, £48.75 Highland Park 18 – 43% ABV, £57.95 Longmorn 16 very narrowly defeated AnCnoc 16 in a slightly uninspiring match between two unsherried Speysides that I found to be […]

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Avengers Assemble

Mixed feelings about this one.  On the one hand there were some good moments and some great set pieces – the final half-hour long battle was pretty spectacular and must have been still more so in the cinema.  On the other, I think one’s first feeling on looking at the poster is – wow, there […]

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Darksiders II

Death is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse!  Who, are, er, the last four of a race of insane hybrids of angel and devil, and charged with keeping the balance between heaven and hell.  And one appears to be a woman.  A horsewoman, presumably.  Of the apocalypse!  But I digress.  Death’s co-horseperson War […]

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Scandinavian Trip

Early October will see me in Scandinavia.  I’ll be a Guest at Swecon 2012 in Uppsala, Friday 5th – Sunday 7th October.  No precise programme as yet, I’ll let you know when I have something.  I’ll also be doing a couple of bookshop signings, though, where early copies of Red Country should be available, you […]

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Red Country US Release Delayed

I’m really, really gutted to report this, especially at such a late stage, but the US publication date for Red Country is dropping back three weeks to the 13th November. UK publication remains unaffected. Turnaround was a lot tighter on this book than it has been previously but, as far as I was aware, I […]

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Now this is more like it.  Got to say I thoroughly enjoyed this lean, brutal, stylish adaptation of 2000AD’s best known character, the perfect antidote to the bloated running times and overwrought self-importance that seems to have infected action films of late.  Minimal messing around, a growly voice-over, and we’re straight into a stripped-down plot […]

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Trowbridge and Brighton

One appearance I forgot to mention is that I’ll be signing up at Waterstones in Trowbridge this Saturday 15th, 1-2pm as one small cog in their new Arts Festival.  By all means bring along anything you’d like to have signed.  A few other SF&F writers based in the south-west region will be around as well […]

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Red Country UK Tour

Joy be to the United Kingdom, for we now have an itinerary for Red Country events scattered across mainland Britain during October like shining stars across the sable cloth of the heavens.  Lunchtime events tend to be signings only, evening events tend to be with a reading and Q&A.  We don’t have firm times on […]

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Total Recall

Was this an elaborate attempt to make me feel bad for pointing out how unconvincing I found some elements of the Dark Knight Rises?  Because, man, I recant.  Right from the off, this re-imagining of Paul Verhoeven’s re-imagining of Phillip K Dick’s short story asks you to swallow some real humdingers.  Correct me if I’m […]

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