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True Fans

A short while ago I was admiring Brent’s commitment to the cause by getting a full sleeve done First Law style.  Ever since I have been positively bombarded by photos of people’s First Law themed tattoos.  Well.  Two of them.

Step forward the chest of James:

And the freshly inked forearm of Hayden:

Congratulations, fellas, you are true fans.  Now who’s going to get one half of their entire body tattooed with runes a la Fenris the Feared.  Well?


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Dangerous Women

Rejoice, for I note that Messrs Martin and Dozois have a huge new multi-genre, multi-author, multi-kickass anthology coming out from Tor in the US to follow up on their highly successful Warriors.  This one is titled Dangerous Women, the theme being, I would have thought, fairly self-explanatory.  The table of contents: INTRODUCTION, by Gardner Dozois […]

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On a Break

So, Red Country has been well and truly out for three months, the touring well and truly over, the reviews chewed through, the sales examined, the dust settled. I find myself now in a slightly unusual position as I watch the snow drift down past my study window and render the pavements of Bath totally impassible […]

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Les Miserables

Been a long time since I’ve been in a completely full cinema.  Even longer since the audience gave a round of applause at the end (including me).  Even longer than that since I saw Russel Crowe give such a storming performance, nor was he by any means alone in that, plus tight, uncomplicated directing and […]

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Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings

Quite simply superb.  I had no idea how – being honest I never thought that – they could top the thrills of Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, but somehow they did it. And yes, on the face of it, it’s a simple story of a young fairy finding the fairy sister she never knew […]

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Best Fan Mail Ever, and Mail Policy

Got one of the best fan mails I’ve ever had this morning.  I’m not sure what the form is on posting private correspondence to the public sphere but, hey, I haven’t been told to keep it secret, I’ll keep the identity of the sender confidential, and I think it deserves a wider airing.  I quote […]

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