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First Law Graphic Novel Issue 3

One of my favourite pages of this second issue is up at www.firstlawcomic.com, and the entire 22 page 3rd issue is available now at ComiXology, featuring Glokta’s morning ritual and the appearance of a certain First of the Magi…

I also note in passing that the longlist for the David Gemmell Legend Award is up once again.  You can go vote for your choice of the best fantasy novel of 2012 over there.  I’m not telling you what to vote for, of course.

But if it’s not Red Country, you’re DEAD TO ME.

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The Importance of Colour

Thought I’d show the development of another page from The First Law comic with a very different feel.  This time Jezal and Ardee out for a stroll around the Agriont, and encountering a statue of a certain Magus.  First pencils and inks from Andie Tong: And finally some amazing work from Pete Pantazis on the […]

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Rick Riordan and other Reviews

There was a time I ruthlessly tracked down and linked to every shred of opinion about my books I could find anywhere on the internet.  This was inevitable, but I’m not sure entirely helpful for anyone involved.  These days it takes something of particular interest to stir me, and I cannot help but notice an opinion […]

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The History Channel’s first foray into dramatic TV, and I actually really enjoyed this 9 episode tale of semi-mythical Viking adventurer Ragnar Lodbrok. I’m nowhere near enough of an expert to comment on its precise level of realism, but it felt pretty convincing in the main to me, but much more importantly it seemed to […]

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Lamb, Shy, and Essential Fantasy

Thought I’d post a few little things which came my way via twitter.  First off, a brilliant piece of what you might call done-for-the-joy-of-it Red Country art from British Comic Book Artist Gary Frank: It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any reviews, as well, but there’s a particularly insightful (not to mention complimentary) […]

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Servir Froid

Forgot about this in all the excitement!  I am delighted to announce that Best Served Cold is now out in a most handsome hardcover French translation from those wonderful people at Bragelonne, under the title Servir Froid: Bearing a strong similarity to the award winning UK cover art by Didier Graffet and Dave Senior, and […]

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Thought I’d put up the progression on another page from the First Law Graphic Novel.  Logen had long ago stopped looking for fights, but they seemed to find him with depressing regularity even so… Here are the pencils, and the jagged panels give that feel of action and danger: Inks: Colours, and I like how […]

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The Calm Before the Storm

Kinda quiet round here the last week or two, huh? Partly that’s because some of the stuff I used to put up here is better suited to twitter, where I’m now reasonably active and even occasionally quite amusing, though I say so myself.  You can follow me there at @LordGrimdark. Partly that’s because I haven’t […]

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