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Gemmell me this and that

It just so happens that today is the final deadline for the David Gemmell Legend Award, so you might want to put your vote in over here.  I’ve no idea who’s on the list.  Oh, look, I am.  On one of my favourite genre blogs, Pornokitsch, Jared has been going over the various shortlists and has some interesting opinions upon them.

I’ve also contributed a story to an anthology in honour of Mr. Gemmell which should be launching at the award ceremony at the end of October.  More on that from the editor, Ian Whates, over here.

And now I really need to get some work done…

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Graphic Novel Print Collection

You can pre-order the print collection of the first four issues of The First Law Graphic Novel now over here at Blind Ferret’s online shop.  It should be possible to get delivery to pretty much anywhere, I am told, though there may be some cost implications.  Just so that no one gets confused, this is a […]

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Graphic Novel Print Collection

A quick heads up that the print collection of issues 1-4 of the First Law Graphic Novel will be available for preorder from Monday, and here’s the cover: Click upon it to reveal its full glory, then complain about it if you dare because I think it’s fricking GREAT.  Along with all the internals, art […]

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Back from Russia

Phew.  Back from Russia, and it was quite a trip.  Probably the busiest foreign trip I’ve done in terms of sheer density of interviews and events.  10 or more print interviews and 3 TV ones, 5 bookshops, a reading at a library, a panel at an outdoor festival, and a Q&A at the Moscow Book […]

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The Heroes is out this week in Russia, and I’m going over there for a week or so as a guest of my publisher Eksmo, attending the Moscow Book Fair, EveryCon, and doing a bunch of interviews and other events.  The schedule for public events, in as much detail as I have: Sat September 7th […]

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Wonderbooks! Cheltenham! Interviews!

Another smorgasbord of news items for your delectation.  Firstly, I see that Jeff Vandermeer has announced his latest publication, Wonderbook, a unique project that I suppose you could call an illustrated guide to writing speculative fiction, with contributions from a whole range of big figures in the genre, including Gaiman, Le Guin, Martin, Beukes, and […]

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