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Progress Report Feb ’14

Excellent progress since early December, I’m pleased to say, partly due to *ahem* lack of interesting video game releases.  Half a King is done and copyedited and done and proofread and done and TOTALLY DONE. ARCs are out in the wild and even now being read and reacted to.  WITH UNIVERSAL JOY AND AWESTRUCK ADMIRATION. Publication is early July 2014, US and UK.

Better yet, the second book in this trilogy, Half the World, is done too! Well, I say done, the finished second draft has gone off to my early readers for a first opinion, which I shall attend to and absorb along with some thoughts of mine during March to produce a totally done 3rd draft. Which will then go to editors for further changes. Some more detail on exactly how those processes go down in due course.  There’s a fair bit of work still to do on the book, that’s sure, but I think one would have to say that Half the World is looking very good for its provisional publication date of Feb 2015, a mere seven months after Half a King drops.

Alongside the editing of Half the World I’m going to be getting started this month on the planning of the third book, Half a War, with a view to getting the drafting underway in April, with a view to getting the book half done by the time I start travelling for Half a King’s release in July, with a view to getting it finished by the end of 2014, with a view to getting it published a mere five months after Half the World in July 2015.  All three out within 12 months.  That’s a pretty challenging schedule, but at the moment it’s looking doable.  We shall see…

Also got a quick First Law-related short story to knock out in March with a view to getting a collection of all my short fiction together for probably an early 2016 publication.  Then we’re on to more adult fantasy in the First Law world, with a very, very provisional pub date of some time 2017.  If I haven’t gone insane.  Or perhaps if I have.

That is your progress report for February.

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Forthcoming Appearances

I’m going to be out and about a lot this year, what with the release of Half a King in July.  There’ll certainly be a few bookshop events in the UK around that time which are yet to be scheduled, but a few festivals and conventions that are already definite: March 1st-2nd – Cominks, Messina, […]

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Half a King – Early Reactions

Advance Reader Copies of Half a King have been out in the wild for a couple of weeks now and a few bold pioneers have already read and commented upon them, and I must say the onslaught of positivity is almost enough to thaw the splinter of deadly ice I have for a heart.  Shall […]

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Second Draft

In many ways, at least for me, it’s when I’ve got a complete first draft of a book that the most important work begins. I start with a reasonable idea of who my central characters are and what the plot’s going to be, but both the plot and the personalities inevitably flex and shift as […]

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