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Off on Tour

I leave tomorrow for a tour of the UK, and in due course the US, for the release of Half a King. Bad news if you’re a devotee of this blog. Great news if you’re a resident of Edinburgh, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham, London, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Bristol, Yeovil, Bath, Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Santa Fe OR if you’ve got any plans to attend the YA Lit Con/London Film and Comic Con, Edge Lit Derby, San Diego Comic Con, Celsius 232 Festival in Aviles Spain or Worldcon London. Phew. I’m going to be knackered.

Further details on the UK events HERE (with a quick note that the Edinburgh event has moved from the Pleasance Theatre to Blackwells store) and on the US events HERE.  Hope to see some of you out there…

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Progress Report June ’14

Time sure does fly. Fair bit of progress the past couple of months, and other than a little continuing work on the secret project I can’t tell you about and probably never will be able to tell you about hence shouldn’t have mentioned, work in May and June has all been on Half a King and […]

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Half a King Book Trailer

So Harper Collins have put up their book trailer for Half a King, and I think it’s really rather excellent… I’m generally a wee bit ambivalent on Book Trailers – I think reach often exceeds grasp and you end up with slightly embarrassing live action efforts where a lot of resources have clearly been expended […]

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Rogues Published, Half a King Soon

GRRM and Gardner Dozois’ latest cross-genre mega-anthology ROGUES has published in the US today, featuring stories from GRRM himself, Gillian Flynn, Neil Gaiman, Connie Willis, Pat Rothfuss, Scott Lynch, Paul Cornell, Cherie Priest and little old me, among many others.  My contribution is a hefty 12,000 word novelette, as it goes, following an eventful night […]

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Interview with Portal of Dreams

Just did an interview with Sergio Vivaldi at Italian website Portal of Dreams.  You can find the italian translation over here, but Sergio came up with some really interesting and insightful questions so I thought I’d post the English version over here too.  There’s been a slightly odd publication order in Italy, starting with the […]

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Half a King US Events (update)

Due to a slight situation with the closing of Mysterious Galaxy’s store in Redondo Beach, we’ve had to shuffle things around a tad, which means the LA event will now be at Barnes and Noble Torrance, and there’ll be an extra event at Mysterious Galaxy San Diego for those who aren’t making the Comic Con. […]

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Half a King UK Events (update)

I now have all the details for late June/early July’s UK Events for the release of Half a King, including the Oxford event on the 4th July and the YA LitCon on the 12th… Sunday 29th June 6.30pm – Evening talk with Blackwell’s Edinburgh at Blackwell’s Bookshop, 52-63, South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 IYS (MOVED FROM THE PLEASANCE THEATRE). Tickets […]

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First Law Graphic Novel Print Collection

So much stuff has been going on of late with Half a King that I’d entirely forgotten something else which turned up recently – the physical collections of the first four issues of The First Law Graphic Novel.  An unforgivable omission, because I tell you what, they are things of some beauty and elevated production […]

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Half a King E-Cards

Half a King is out in a month in the UK (July 3rd), and 6 weeks in the US (July 15th), and those redoubtable fellows at Del Rey have come up with some rather attractive shareable e-cards to celebrate: Each one features a memorable quote from the book which, as well as sounding cool, provide […]

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