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A Little Hatred Publication Day

Let ring the bells, for my latest penny dreadful, A Little Hatred, is today published in the US and UK in hardcover, e-book and audiobook read by Steven Pacey.  It’s been 7 years since my last novel in the First Law world, so thanks for your patience.  Hopefully it will be richly rewarded, for The Age of Madness trilogy will continue in regular instalments (honest) with The Trouble with Peace in September 2020 and The Beautiful Machine in September 2021.

You can read some sample chapters on various websites from the points of view of Rikke, Leo dan Brock, Savine dan Glokta, and Crown Prince Orso, while you can find further information, including how to order the book, over here.

I’m touring in the UK over the next few days, and I’ll also be answering questions over on reddit, so if there was anything you’ve always wanted to ask me, you could drop it off there.  Mind you it looks like there are over 500 already so I may well not get to some of them any time soon….

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UK Tour, Friends and Enemies

A little update to the UK tour happening in but a couple of weeks… Typically the lunchtime events are just a signing, open to all, the evening ones are reading, talk, questions then signing, or in a few cases, now, an ‘in conversation’ style event with a few friends o’ mine, which will generally take […]

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