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Curious King Limited Editions

Very pleased to announce that UK specialist publisher Curious King has just opened up the preorder book for a high end limited edition of that seminal subversive fantasy classic of the mid 2000s The Blade Itself. I’ve been pretty thoroughly consulted (and made as much of a pain in the arse of myself as you’d expect) on the art, design and layout throughout.

Art – consisting of wraparound dust jacket, endpaper and 7 colour internal illustrations – is gonna be by the magnificent Tommy Arnold with a fold-out map of the Circle of the World (yes, I know) by Jack Shepherd. Here’s the cover:

Mmmm. There are gonna be three editions – a standard edition of 500 copies letterpress printed in two colours with a foiled slipcase:

A numbered edition of 150 copies, goatskin bound:

And this terrifying monster of a lettered edition, limited to 26 copies, hand-chiselled using the shards of Narsil from solid gold tablets blessed by the pope and bound in the skin of fallen angels:

There are many further details that I don’t entirely understand about the specification of these various editions over at Curious King’s site. I should say that they will all now, including the standard edition, be signed by me. Fair warning – this is high end, specialist printing and binding aimed at enthusiasts and collectors, so the prices on some of that stuff, specially the aforementioned lettered edition, are pretty eye-watering…

The hope – if this is successful – is that we’ll carry on and give Before They are Hanged and Last Argument of Kings a matching treatment.

NOTE: The whole lot sold out within a few hours, however if you missed out and desperately want one I am told that – due to some multiple orders – there will be a few more put back up on Monday 30th May at 20.30 BST.

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