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Best Served Cold – on Film

Pleased to say news just dropped over at Deadline Hollywood of a potential forthcoming film of Best Served Cold.

I’d love to say a lot more about it, but for the time being I can’t say much that’s not in that article. The headlines:

It’s set up at Skydance. I wrote the script. Tim Miller (director of Deadpool and Terminator: Dark Fate, as well as the main force behind Love, Death and Robots) is directing. Rebecca Ferguson is down to play Monza.

Tim and I have been working together on bringing the First Law to the screen in one form or another (among other things) for over a decade, and believe me when I say there is no bigger fan of, or bigger champion for, these books.

Now, before anyone gets too excited, take it from a man who has been hurt often in the past, there’s plenty of shit that can go wrong, and it’s never a sure thing till you’re sat there watching the opening credits and, hey, maybe not even then.

But for now let us revel in this promising step…

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Progress Report April ’23

A busy bank holiday weekend followed by a rush to get a contract signed has meant that I’m just a couple o’ days late for my April progress report, so here it is at the very start of May… The good news is I’ve finished a draft of the last part of The Devils and […]

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