Aetherica ’09

August 25th, 2008

So I’m due to be a guest of honour at a new Fantasy Convention next year, called Aetherica, to be held in Chester, June 19th-21st. Peter Beagle, of The Last Unicorn fame, is currently the other Guest of Honour. Not sure what my involvement will consist of, but I’m guessing probably a Q&A; of some description and perhaps even some kind of reading, probably with powerful hand gestures. Plus presumably contributing my ignorance to various panels…

Anyway, further details on their website, and more as I learn it.

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  • Congrats! But, I won’t go if there aren’t powerful hand gestures.

  • Gabriele C. says:

    Chester is a charming place. Make sure you get the time to walk around a bit if you haven’t been there before.

  • Gabriele C. says:

    You can visit my blog for some Chester photos. 🙂

  • THE-VLG says:

    Hey Joe, I'm hoping you can help…I'm having an argument with a friend about translations of books…specifically if the spelling is changed between British versions & American versions of books…I think they do…Please help me laugh in their face….

  • Anthony,
    Powerful hand gestures are guaranteed.

    Gabriele C,
    I shall try and take in the sights if my convention commitments allow…

    Afraid I can’t help you laugh with this one. Spellings in my books, and indeed all the text less a very few corrected errors, are identical in the US editions. Lou Anders, my editor at Pyr, is particular that they should be identical, in fact, since he’d always want his text to be the author’s preferred version. It depends on the publisher – certainly some books do get americanised (so ax for axe, and all that), but it seems to be becoming a less common practice as time goes on…

  • Jason says:

    congrats and such are in order, perhaps you should throw a party and invite all your fans …..

  • THE-VLG says:

    Thanks for the feed back, I think I’ll limit myself to a snigger instead…good to hear yer editor has a good philosophy. Thankfully yer not getting this treatment…(
    newsletters/Sept2007Newsletter.htm)…can’t believe she stood for it (well actually I can believe it)

  • shiningwit says:

    Just wanted to let you know that you now have a whole shelf dedicated to your books in my bookshelves at home and my son and his father-in-law are both converts too.
    Thoroughly enjoying the Last Argument of Kings I just don’t want it to end.

  • jason,
    I am doing. It’s called Aetherica, June next year. Everyone’s invited. For £35.

    All my editors have excellent philosophies, as far as I’m aware.

    Man, that’s a short shelf. I shall do my best to fill it in due course…

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