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Progress Report June ’22

I’m conscious that my progress reports have been few and far between lately. I’ve got a lot going on but not that much that I can actually announce or discuss, which makes progress reports every two months a bit of a pointless exercise…

The first draft of my next book The Devils is grinding on, albeit slowly and in between other things. The book now has a US publisher in Tor US, and a US editor in Lindsey Hall, neither of whom I’ve worked with before and both of whom I am excited to work with on this. I’m getting towards three quarters of the way through a first draft, though the plan is really to just vomit the thing out and then spend some time sitting in that vomit, editing, rewriting and rearranging it, until I have a book I like. Hard to know exactly what the timescale might be on that, very much depends on what happens with all this other stuff and how much time I have to commit to it. I will of course rush to announce it when a roughly reliable publication date comes into view.

Then there are quite a few special or limited editions of one kind or another in the pipeline. I believe John Anthony di Giovanni has now delivered all the art for Subterranean Press’s limited edition of The Trouble With Peace, so that one should be appearing within the next few months. He’ll be doing art for The Wisdom of Crowds as well in due course, but for now he’s at work on a little companion volume which Sub Press are doing – a novella length collection of four short stories that sit alongside the Age of Madness which will be called The Great Change – and other Lies. I’m hoping that’ll be available this year too – more information on the ordering of that as I have it. Then I’ve been working with UK specialist publisher Curious King on some really high-end letterpress limited editions of the First Law with art by Tommy Arnold. The whole run sold out within about half an hour of going on sale. Pretty crazy how the market for what I would consider astonishingly expensive collector’s editions has developed over the past few years. Anyway, that one’s going to contain a lot of art so it’ll no doubt be a while coming together, but if it all works out the aim is to continue with the other books in the series, and perhaps beyond to the stand-alones, who can say…

As Covid regulations relax I’m starting to commit to a couple of events again. Delighted to say I’ll finally be heading back to my regular haunt at the Celsius festival in Aviles in Spain in a couple of weeks, then having had to cancel Portugal comic con last year  I’m aiming to show up to this year’s edition in December.

So there you go, a progress report that reports very little progress. Somewhat frustrating, but so it goes. Hopefully things will pick up and there’ll be enough for bi-monthly reports as the year continues.

But, as always, I promise nothing…

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Curious King Limited Editions

Very pleased to announce that UK specialist publisher Curious King has just opened up the preorder book for a high end limited edition of that seminal subversive fantasy classic of the mid 2000s The Blade Itself. I’ve been pretty thoroughly consulted (and made as much of a pain in the arse of myself as you’d expect) on […]

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2021 in Review

What’s that you say? It’s New Year’s Eve, I must be 47 goddamn years old today, and ANOTHER year passes under the bridge? Those bastards keep coming, don’t they? And this one has, I think it’s fair to say, been particularly hard work on the whole. I don’t think any of us really imagined a […]

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Extra Events for The Wisdom of Crowds

Due to various unforeseeable circumstances, such as the Swansea branch of Waterstones flooding the evening before I was due to arrive (seriously, you can’t make it up), we had to shift the three extra Wisdom of Crowds events back a couple of weeks. Obviously it’s bad that the shop flooded, but the UPSIDE is that […]

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The Age of Madness Facts and Figures

Finally reaching the end of a big ass trilogy like this seems a good moment to look back and take stock. It just so happens that for much of this project I kept a lot of tedious records of when and how it was written, so – for the tiny minority of people for whom […]

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The Wisdom of Crowds – Out Today

And so The Wisdom of Crowds is published in the UK (by Gollancz) and the US (by Orbit) this very day in hardcover, e-book, and audiobook read by the magisterial Steven Pacey. Always a bitter-sweet moment for an author, like dropping your kid off at college and hoping they’ll get on okay without you, but […]

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Wisdom of Crowds Tour – Update

With the book coming out in a mere 4 days (I know, so exciting) a little update on events: London Piccadilly is now sold out but if you’re in London you can see me the following day at Forbidden Planet. And the Virtual event with Steven Pacey is now going to be on Monday 20th at […]

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Previously, in the Age of Madness (2)…

It has occasionally been pointed out that in a long and complex fantasy series with several points of view, dozens of characters and hundreds of pages, after a 12 month wait between instalments, a little recap might prove useful.  And so, for those who might be about to pick up The Wisdom of Crowds but could […]

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Wisdom of Crowd Extracts

With the Wisdom of Crowds coming in less than three weeks, it’s time to get some extracts out there, so we’ll be posting the first three chapters around the internet over the coming days (the third in two chunks, cos it’s a big one). The first you can find right now on the relevant book page […]

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Wisdom of Crowds Tour

The Wisdom of Crowds is coming in less than a month and I am very pleased to announce we’ll be doing not only some online events, but a few IN-PERSON ones too. Here’s the schedule: And a link to my publisher with further info and ticketing options. We’d obviously love to do a more comprehensive tour […]

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