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October 12th, 2010

So, my four day oddessey to the Big Apple is complete, and I am back in lovely blighty.  An exhausting yet thoroughly enjoyable (and even, in a couple of cases, actually useful) trip was had.  Spent thursday talking strategy with the folks at my US publisher (alright, they were talking strategy, I was talking rubbish), then three days at Comic Con, which is quite an event.  Nowhere else will girls dressed as outlandish manga characters (if you can call that dressed) mingle so peacefully with predators, space marines, giant ugly dolls, and various people who should have made either less or a lot more effort with their costumes.  Sci-fi and fantasy publishers mingle with comic book and manga studios, video game promoters, t-shirt salesmen and merchants of every variety, meaning the crowd is vastly bigger and more diverse, generally younger, and a great deal more enthusiastic than you get at a British, book-based event like Eastercon.  Seriously busy, in fact shoulder to shoulder in places.  I signed some books (thanks to all those who turned out), I talked to some folks (thanks to all those who replied), I watched some presentations about forthcoming video games, I did some interviews including this one with Matt Staggs, and I was forced to kick Peter V. Brett’s ass real bad at a bar

I also sat on a panel about writing fantasy with the stellar company of the aforementioned Brett, Jim Butcher, Deborah Harkness, Naomi Novik, and Brandon Sanderson.  It was packed to the rafters, yes indeed, they were standing at the back, they were turning them away in droves, they were beating them off with a shitty stick, as we sometimes say in the UK.  What a shame you couldn’t be there to see it.  What’s that?  Those clever internet wizards at have put the entire thing up online for anyone to watch?  You lucky people, all my crappy gags, preserved for posterity…

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  • Peat says:

    Your metaphor is vague. Is a shitty stick a stick that has shit on it, or is it simply a stick of poor quality?

    And I would have won that fight if you hadn’t kneed me in the balls like a girl. Next time I will go all Bloody Nine on your ass.

  • shylynx says:

    One day, Mr. Abercrombie, one day I will be at one of those events. And then I’ll hold my copies of your books under your nose to sign. Also, I might ask a few stupid and unoriginal questions timidly.

    Until then, please accept my most humble offers of flattery. (Yeah, you know what I’d write, love your books, blah blah, loyal fan, blah blah, worship your every word, … I don’t have to type it all, do I?)

  • Scott Willis says:

    That panel was a cluster**** of awesome. Seriously, heads should have been exploding from you Brett and Butcher sitting next to one another in one room. Brilliance!

  • Hooker Von Skankyass says:

    It was great to meet you on Saturday. I was the one that thanked you for writing fantasy novels that I don’t have to be embarrassed to say I read. Most people think the whole genre is just Tolkien worship. That it’s filled with nothing but elves and dwarves and dragons and is geared toward adolescents. It’s exciting to see writers like yourself taking the genre in a more, I don’t know, adult, direction. Don’t get me wrong – I love fantasy. I’ve been reading it for almost a quarter of a century now. At this point though, I think I’ve had about as much of the tropes as I can handle and I like that you turn a lot of those tropes on their heads.

    Oh, and on the subject of conventions: you REALLY need to go to Dragon*Con in Atlanta sometime. It’s basically “Nerdi-Gras.” Since it takes place in 3 hotels connected by land-bridges, most people attend panels and signings during the day, and then at night wander back and forth in a drunken haze between the hotels, hitting the hotel bars and people-watching while dressed as a wookie or something. Ridiculously fun time. Also, not as many anime-teenagers as there were at NYCC.

  • Doug says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you face to face. Sorry I didn’t get to buy you that beer, though.

  • Sedulo says:

    I enjoyed watching the panel. I felt like I was really there! “I’m a British person!” Ha ha! You can work a crowd. Everyone was articulate, but you seemed the funniest, most relaxed and (gasp) humble.
    Why were you and Peter V. Brett fighting?

  • GC says:

    Thanks for making the time to come to NY. I hope New Yorkers treated you well, except for that Brett guy.
    I had my Best Served cold signed. I couldn’t lug around the trilogy the whole con, that’ll have to wait for another appearance. I look forward to receiving my UK version of The Heroes.

  • Rich Ford says:

    Funny, everyone appeared to be giving away free copies at their booths – apart from you!

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Both shitty and of poor quality. Kneeing in the balls is a manly combat technique with a proud history. And what is this obsession with my ass?

    Yes, yes you do have to type it all.

    A couple of heads did explode, I believe, at one point.

    Von Skankyass,
    I hear good things about Dragoncon

    You get precious little time at these things. The offer was appreciated, though…

    I am witty, relaxed, and the very god of humility. We were fighting because Peat cussed my jacket.

    They were giving books away at the signings, but they pretty quickly ran out…

  • Eddwigg says:

    Why was you wearing your dads jacket ?

  • Derek says:

    What’s with the false ginger beard ?

  • Jebus says:

    An attractive female friend of mine that I have managed to get addicted to your novels also, bizarrely, thinks you’re a great hunk of spunk. I’ve sent her the links to the videos and I felt the drool at the other end of the interwebs, I don’t look forward to our next meeting in person.

    This sickens me. Fix it.

  • SwindonNick says:

    Have to admit my convention going days are a bit behind me but I really enjoyed watching the panel – brought back some happy memories…

  • mia says:

    The panel was my must-see, non-negotiable event. I’m curious though — have you met Peter Brett (I’m assuming he’s the Peat above) before NYCC? There seems to be an easy rapport between the two of you. Of course it could just be some form of kismet.

  • Nick Sharps says:

    Sorry, nothing to do with NYCC. I just pre-ordered The Heroes on and I ordered the hard copy but it’s being shipped to America. This is probably a really stupid question but I’m going to get the sweet UK version right? I like that version of the cover way more. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

  • Nick Sharps says:

    Also is the dollar worth more than the pound? I figured it was the other way around but when I put my amount into the currency calculator to find out how much money I’m paying it said 14.47 pounds is like 9 dollars?

  • JenMo says:

    Loved the panel, while Sanderson was totally in “I teach this stuff” mode, you were the fun kid who’s always got the quip. Butcher was cheerleading everyone (hanging back and nodding his approval). The panel was great, and seeing so many kick ass authors interacting was sort of otherworldly. Plus you Brits and your accents… you win the sexiest panel member award.

  • Jason says:

    Great panel Mr Abercrombie you stole the show (yes i avoided using Joe because i didn’t want to look like i was after some cheap rhyming gag)

    Everyone was great, though Jim Butcher and you in particular were hilarious.

  • Great panel there at NYCC. Sorry I wasn’t able to be there to see in person, but videos are wondrous things in this day and age.

    It was a pleasure to meet you. (I was the crazy girl who stopped you an Peter in the isle and had to notes through my book.)

    I have to say after meeting you, Peter, and Brandon Sanderson my son was very impressed. He now has a great view on authors which he didn’t have before. Thank you very much. 🙂

    Hope you had a wonderful time. And yes, some of those outfits… well, they speak for them selves. 😉

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