Back, Just Desserts, Vile at Times

November 20th, 2012

Holy cow, I am back, and this time there’ll be no more travelling for a while, I am actually rather pleased to say.  I’ve racked up a fair few air miles, not to mention signatures, these past couple of months.  I had a great time at SupaNovas in Brisbane and Adelaide, and need to thank Ineke Prochazka and the rest of the staff, as well as the many volunteers for looking after the authors while we were there, not to mention all the folks who came out to get a signature or listen to me talk nonsense.  I couldn’t sell a book to everyone, but it didn’t stop me trying…

I hung out with some great authors – Trudi Canavan and husband Paul, Rachel Caine and assistant Heidi, Sean Williams, Juliet Marillier, AD Cornish, Fiona MacIntosh, Alison Goodman, John Birmingham, and others.  Here’s a photo of several of the aforementioned having desserts with Felicia Day, just cos, you know, my life is that cool…

Just desserts.  Heh.  Equally cool was hanging out with some highly entertaining and talented comics guys – Tristan Jones, Dave Yardin, Tom Taylor, Dave de Vries, not to mention the suave yet deadly Howard Chaykin.  I very much hope to spend more time with them in future.  I need to thank Sandra and the rest of the Dymocks staff as well for doing their best to shift my units, especially Aris.  From now on I think I will have to insist on all booksellers being able to do this as a minimum standard…

In other news, reviews of Red Country continue to surface.  Here’s a particularly nice assessment from Niall Alexander at

Red Country is vile at times, and plain ugly most all others, but mark my words: from source to termination, you won’t be able to look away… because by the dead, this book is brilliant, and certain to satisfy longstanding fans as well as welcome—warmly, I warrant—new readers from near and from far … the work of Joe Abercrombie is as blackly fantastic as it’s ever been, and markedly more approachable than before.

And if you’re a little less tired of the sound of my voice than I am, there’s an audio interview with Sean Wright at the Adventures of a Bookonaut blog.

Right.  I’m going to lie down for a day or two…

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  • Michael says:

    Welcome back!

    And thank you. I just finished my listen with Steven Pacey and readalongatthesametime exploits with Red Country.


  • Michael says:

    and Felicia Day – Hot.

  • Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    Finished Red Country this very morning, (I had two and a half books remaining ahead in the reading queue) and… I absolutely hate you.

    You make your world so f*****g addictive and interesting it makes all other fantasy books (A Song of Ice and Fire included) dull and grey.

    Great work from, dare I say, a great mind.

    Glad you enjoyed your jollies too.

  • Dogman'sBladder says:

    Joe, are you ever going to reveal the mystery behind The Bloody-Nine, is he a supernatural occurrence or merely Logen’s Berserker rage? I vote supernatural, because of Logen’s rare ability to communicate with spirits. I was hoping for some insight on the matter in the excellent Red Country, but there wasn’t any.

    Also, you should really do another Reddit AMA so you can dodge more questions like this.

  • Sziuku says:

    If Felicia did not invite you to play in ‘The Guild’ you life is not that cool))

  • Sziuku says:

    Interesting, if anyone here likes any stuff of australian writers. I adore just Trudy Cooper – ‘Oglaf’ comics creator.

  • Frank says:

    Came here from Goodreads, just found out Red Country didn’t make it to the fantasy finals. I’m just… pah. I’m not voting for the last round. Damn them. Good to hear you had a fun time!

  • Thanks for the link Joe and glad to here you made it back safe and sound.

  • Troy says:

    Welcome back Joe! Having Red Country in hand on the day it was released was a definite bright spot for that week. I’m trying to pace myself with this story and it isn’t working out as I planned. Now I’m trying to find any excuse to pick up the book to continue reading and it is interfering with my animation projects. 🙂

    I’m about half done with the book and you remain one of my favorite authors, ever. Thanks for sharing your world with us and I look forward to reading many more of your stories.

  • The Shrike says:


    Could it have been because of the late release or do the people there just have that bad of taste?

  • AntMac says:

    Browsing through the novel to savour again some of the best bits, I was struck with just how many evocative “one-liner” sentences the book is full of.

    Just packed full of brilliant lines, that make you laugh while at the same time making a clear mental picture of Joes skewed and bent cow-boy-land. Really nice lines that pin the image gently in place, blunt ones that nail it to the spot, and evil-leering ones that make it too frightened to move and too frightened to stay.
    @ Sziuku san, yes, she is a great if twisted writer, is Trudy.
    To anyone thinking to put “Oglaf” into google to see what we mean . . . warning, NSFW !

  • Thaddeus says:

    Interesting description (vile and plain ugly), but I’d have to disagree slightly. At least on a relative basis, I think Red Country’s a bit less doom and gloom than say Best Served Cold, and the better for it.

    Your posts about lots of redrafting and editing were also very good to read, as Red Country’s probably my favourite book of yours to date and (not unlike Chris Wooding’s Iron Jackal) it goes to show that lots of rejigging and changes doesn’t mean the end result won’t be great.

  • Michael Gibbons says:

    Just finished Red Country. To quote my favorite literary character of all time:

    “Good words. By the dead, those were some good words.”

    I’ve read a shitload of books and hands down the best books I’ve read are by Tolkien, George RR Martin, and you. Next time you visit the US would love to share a pint. Cheers!

  • mayank says:

    I’ve read the Evergence Trilogy by Sean Williams. Its good.

  • Michael Bround says:

    “I very much hope to spend more time with them in future.”

    Do I detect an interest in writing some comics? If you were to draw a venn diagram of Things-I-Want Joe Ambercrombie penned comics would be in the middle of it. I hope this isn’t just wishful thinking on my part…

  • Aris says:

    you’re an amazing fellow Joe

  • Giasone says:

    I hope there was nothing “vile” about your visit to Australia…

  • Sword1001 says:

    Lie down for a day or two . . . then get back to work penning your next books! Don’t want to have to wait until 2015 to read it, goddamnit

  • Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    I agree with the angry guy above, aptly named Sword. Get writing Joe! No Christmas nor Boxing day off for you, Mr.!

  • Red Ben says:

    Another seasoned fist law campaigner joining the ranks of having read Red Country here. Wow. I mean l, yeah wow! Loved this book, keep hearing/reading a lot about your characters being grey, grey? They are multicoloured! Loved the western vibe as well as seeing certain characters from other points of view. However now I am sad as the wait to imurse myself in the FL world again… Have a great Christmas! You frickn’ deserve it!
    Afterthought, does a certain Northman have any links to Bedesh (fully aware you won’t answer) this has genuinely kept me up some nights…

  • Supercheese says:

    Love the books Joe. Your definitely one of my new favorite authors,but when will we see you in Seattle?

  • mayank says:

    Is Jaremias related to a certain man who can play with time in BSC?

  • Nick Givent says:

    I didnt read most of these comments, because I’m afraid of spoilers… I am 3/4 of the way through, and I dont want any troubling revelations before I am properly prepared by the process of reading. (Or listening, as the case is for me, to Steven Pacey). So maybe this has already been asked. I read the review at and noticed he said this was the “last standalone in the foreseeable…” ….so. My heart jumps at the idea that you might actually take a break and not bring us a new work in a year and a half: but it breaks for the idea that you may move away from writing! I realize I am being a neurotic fan here, but, he was just referring to the fact that the next work will begin a trilogy… right? right, buddy… 🙂

  • Nick Givent says:

    K, done. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! I love your work… Is The Mayor a certain traitor from Before they are Hanged ,and then Last Arguement of Kings, and then Best Served Cold? I love Shivers cameo!!! I love how at least 1/4 of the characters are from previous works! You are the man. It was hard to watch Logan as a side character, but fitting, and done well. I am in danger of blathering on, so I’ll stop. Thanks Joe Abercrombie

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