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December 18th, 2007

Joe Mallozzi’s in the midst of reading Last Argument of Kings at the moment. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Joe, he’s the executive producer, and therefore the supremo (I’ve always wanted to use the word supremo, and you have to use it emboldened) of Stargate: Atlantis.

Now this man, apart from being a serious writer, is a serious blogger. He makes a significant entry every day, without fail, often posts photographs of what he eats (I know, I know, but you can’t have everything), and gets over 100 comments on every post, sometimes more than 500 (a day, mark you!), replies to a frighteningly high number of them and still finds the time to argue the toss with restless fans. Does he ever sleep? I’m guessing not. Or maybe he’s actually five men working under one name. Or probably five men who never sleep.

Anyway, over on his (ludicrously well-attended) blog he’s laid out the enitre story of our deep and long-established relationship, and how he came by the precious ARC. Have a poke around while you’re there. His in-depth responses to spam-based swindlers are brilliant. I properly reckon there’s a coffe-table book in there. In fact I might have to suggest it…

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  • 42 says:

    Here, have a comment 😉

    I linked to your blog from Joe’s ‘ludicrously well attended’ one a few days ago, but I felt it would be a bit odd to comment before I had read any of your books.

    However you seemed a bit lonely so… 😉 Ah no, just wanted to say that on perusal of your website, your books look pretty good so I’m ordering a few copies into the bookshop where I work (mainly so I can read them).

    It’s great to see more authors blogging these days… long may it live!


    P.S Once Joe’s blog sucks you in, you’ll never get out! There are hundreds of us trapped in here!!

  • Hey Mary,
    Cheers for stopping by. Let me know what you reckon to the books when you get the chance to look ’em over.

  • isis says:

    Just goes to show the awesome power of the internet. You know a blog has a high number of viewers when people actually give a shit about being first to comment (or even commenting on the front page!). Did you ever see the hilarious iharthdarth on livejournal? People seemed to end up being more interested in the supposed merit of commenting early than the actual comic. Bizarre.

    In other news, I tried to buy TBI for my boss for crimbo yesterday, but they only had BTAH. So I had to get him The Name of the Wind instead. Tut tut. That Waterstones branch may be awesome for academic texts but I don’t rate its SFF section at all.

  • So the questions are:

    1) When can we expect your Stargate: Atlantis script?

    2) When can we expect the Blade Itself mini-series?


  • isis,
    Name of the Wind instead of Blade Itself? Oh dear, that’s like opening your present expecting hand-made chocolates and finding a soggy half-eaten flake inside.

    Hah ha. I’m joking of course.

    Or am I?

    I’m guessing the answers to both of those questions are just this side of never. But we’ll see.

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