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January 21st, 2010

A little heads up, some time in advance, to let anyone who might be interested know that I’ll be attending Bristolcon 2010 on November 6th this year. This is an event in its infancy (second year only), and consequently will probably be a reasonably small and intimate affair. One day only, so if you’re in the region there’ll be no need to shell out for a hotel. Guests of Honour are yours truly and well-known writer of novels, comics, and Doctor Who, Paul Cornell, though I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a few other local authors and industry types were to show their faces. The program has yet to be announced, but I would imagine it will include such things as panels, readings, Q&As, and I’m sure anyone who wanted anything signed by me could do so. More news as I get it.

A quick reminder of other confirmed appearances – I’ll be at the SFX weekender at Camber Sands from 5th-7th Feb (Brrrrr!), I’ll be at (if you can believe this one) the Dubai Literary Festival from 9th-14th March (not brrrrr!), and I’ll be at Eastercon 2nd-4th April.

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  • Leiali says:

    hehehe, Bristolcon said you were young. I just got the itinery for sfxweekender emailed this week and it looks pretty good. Are you planning on going to panels outside of your own or just hanging around the bar? I'm also looking forward to finally meeting Hobbit from sffworld after 6 years of membership!
    (Of course I should add that I look forward to whichever panels it is you'll be doing?! this is after all, your blog, sorry!)

  • Leiali,
    Haven't seen the itinerary myself. I'll probably go to any panels that look interesting, but I daresay there will still be a fair amount of time spent in the bar one way or another…

  • Sam Sykes says:

    Guess who else is coming to Eastercon, since it coincides so nicely with his book launch?

    It'd be presumptuous of me to suggest a rematch and to tell you that there's already bets being placed on me would be downright rude.

    And we both know that I am the pinnacle of tact, sumeembi.

  • Dolly says:

    Joe, I not only discovered Bristolcon because of this blog, but also thrilled to hear that you will be attending. Hope you will sign my books. 🙂

  • Ross says:

    Finally! I knew coming to Dubai would eventually pay off! Joe, I for one will attempt to come and visit you.

  • Sam Sykes,
    See you at Eastercon.

    Lost Wanderer,
    See you in Bristol.

    See you in Dubai. I will be hugely grateful to be sure of a person in the audience…

  • Adeel says:

    I echo Ross. I live in Dubai, and we NEVER get any good authors here. Awesome that you're coming.

    Now you'll be assured of two visitors…

  • Ross, Adeel,
    Two of you? This is already shaping up to be one of my best attended events ever!

  • Jebus says:

    How about coming Down Under for Aussiecon 4?

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