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The All New Joe

The new website (as you will probably have noticed) is now live!

Thanks first of all to Darren Turpin, who set up and managed the old site, which served me well for the best part of a decade.  But Darren has drifted away from the web design business (and into gardening), and the internet is never still, so a thorough redesign has been long overdue.

Thanks second of all, therefore, to Luke Burford for this new modern, slick and scaleable design which shall bring all things Joe Abercrombie roaring into the Age of Madness.  Massive thanks also go to Raymond Swanland and Jon McCoy, two most excellent artists who’ve worked on Subterranean Press’s limited editions of my books in the US, who have kindly given me permission to use their art on the site and make my stuff look far better than it has any right to.  Thanks also to Laura Brett (designer), Dave Senior (maps) and Didier Graffet (weapons) for the parchment-style covers that constitute some of the other backgrounds.

Content wise it’s much the same of course.  We’re selling books here, people.  Although we’re now selling at least one book that we weren’t before (or at any rate offering pre-orders). I don’t want to get too over-ambitious but I’ll probably be blogging a bit more than I have been for the last few years as well.  I’ll aim to keep up the progress reports every two months as before, but with the publication of A Little Hatred in September, and the other two books in the trilogy yearly, there should be a fair amount of artwork, interviews, reviews, appearances and process type posts going on as well.

So I invite you all to root around, kick the tyres, and let me know what you think and if you come upon any mistakes, broken links etc…

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A Little Hatred US Cover

Drumroll please, for here is the cover for A Little Hatred in the US…   Artwork by Sam Weber, design by Lauren Panepinto. Interesting, actually, as the US and UK could hardly be more different.  Probably says all kinds of interesting things about the differences between the two markets, where I’m at in those markets, and […]

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A Little Hatred UK Cover

Time to reveal the new cover direction for A Little Hatred in the UK… Design by Tomás Almeida.  The familiar parchment covers of The First Law and standalone books had served us extremely well, but we really couldn’t see any way to develop it further, and didn’t want to take a step backwards, so time […]

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A Little Hatred Cover Copy

Looks like the cover copy (what some call the blurb) for A Little Hatred is now out there: “The chimneys of industry rise over Adua and the world seethes with new opportunities. But old scores run deep as ever. On the blood-soaked borders of Angland, Leo dan Brock struggles to win fame on the battlefield, […]

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2017 in Review

Hot damn if it isn’t New Year’s Eve once more. This means I must be 43 today. 11 and a half years since I was first published, but I still feel a little strange describing myself as a writer… 2017. Well, it’s been a gruelling year one way or another.  A year of inside-outs and […]

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Sharp Ends Limited Edition

There’s a limited edition of Sharp Ends coming from those lovely people at Subterranean Press, with cover and 13 interior illustrations from the incomparable Raymond Swanland. It’s a run of 500 numbered and 26 lettered editions, but be aware they often sell out pretty fast.  Further details over here…

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10 Years

Hard to believe, I know, but The Blade Itself was first published in the UK on May 4th 2006, ten years ago today. To put it in context, (and a context I have some trouble getting my head around) The Blade Itself has now been out as long as A Game of Thrones had been out […]

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Sharp Ends UK Tour

I’m going to be doing a quick 5 day tour in the UK in April for the release of Sharp Ends. We shall be visiting London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol and Bath. Daytime events tend to be just the quick meet and greet, shake of hands, sign the book. Evening events come with […]

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Two’s Company have put a brand new never before published story by me, Two’s Company. You can read it right now, over there, for free. This is one of five stories from my forthcoming collection Sharp Ends that feature my female Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser style thief and warrior odd couple, Shevedieh and Javre, and that […]

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2015 in Review

New Year’s Eve, and you know what that means?  Happy birthday to me. Yes, indeed, I am 41 years old today and this is my 7th yearly review post. Time marches only one way, my friends… I’ve been hugely blog-lazy this year.  There are still many authors blogging very effectively, but it’s not quite the standard tool […]

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