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ConFusion Detroit 2015

So I’m going to be over in the US of A later this week at ConFusion in Detroit as a guest of the wonderful Subterranean Press.  I think it was 3 years ago I was last there, and it’s a great small con with an informal atmosphere and a lot of writers around.  Plus there’s […]

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More UK Events, plus Worldcon

More events?  Are you insane?  Well, yes, I very well might be, but there is no rest for the grimdark, my friends.  Here’s my appearance schedule for the next couple of months… Tuesday 12th August 11.30 – Google Hangout for the Gollancz Online Festival. 18.00 – Fantasy in the Court, Goldsboro Books, alongside a whole host of […]

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Back Home

I have finally returned from my quick tour of the US, San Diego Comic Con, and Celsius 232 in Spain. It’s only a couple of weeks ago that I left but it feels like months.  10 flights in less than two weeks and a hell of a lot of signing, hand-shaking, and talking to readers, […]

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US Events, now with SDCC

Greetings American cousins, my new book Half a King should now be available across the nation in hardcover, electronic, and audio formats.  But that’s not all, for on the 22nd July I shall be flying out to be present in your country in my actual person.  The main event is San Diego Comic Con, so […]

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Further UK Events

I have returned from a week of events for the UK publication of Half a King, and they went very well, I must say.  On previous tours there have always been a couple of great events but a couple of … less great ones, especially with the daytime events where you’re not talking or reading, […]

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Off on Tour

I leave tomorrow for a tour of the UK, and in due course the US, for the release of Half a King. Bad news if you’re a devotee of this blog. Great news if you’re a resident of Edinburgh, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham, London, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Bristol, Yeovil, Bath, Seattle, San Diego, […]

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Half a King US Events (update)

Due to a slight situation with the closing of Mysterious Galaxy’s store in Redondo Beach, we’ve had to shuffle things around a tad, which means the LA event will now be at Barnes and Noble Torrance, and there’ll be an extra event at Mysterious Galaxy San Diego for those who aren’t making the Comic Con. […]

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Half a King UK Events (update)

I now have all the details for late June/early July’s UK Events for the release of Half a King, including the Oxford event on the 4th July and the YA LitCon on the 12th… Sunday 29th June 6.30pm – Evening talk with Blackwell’s Edinburgh at Blackwell’s Bookshop, 52-63, South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 IYS (MOVED FROM THE PLEASANCE THEATRE). Tickets […]

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Half a King SIGNED

Some of you will be thinking about buying Half a King when it appears in July (3rd in the UK, 15th in the US), some of you (and I really love you for it) may already have preordered it, but some of you will want to take that extra step of devotion and get your sweaty […]

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