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A Little Hatred US Cover

Drumroll please, for here is the cover for A Little Hatred in the US…


Artwork by Sam Weber, design by Lauren Panepinto.

Interesting, actually, as the US and UK could hardly be more different.  Probably says all kinds of interesting things about the differences between the two markets, where I’m at in those markets, and the different wider readerships the publishers are aiming to reach out to…

This is the hardcover look, incidentally – there may well be some changes to the typography for the paperbacks which match the previous US trade editions of the First Law and standalones more closely.

Current publication dates are September 17th in the US and September 19th in the UK.  I imagine those are now pretty firm…

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A Little Hatred UK Cover

Time to reveal the new cover direction for A Little Hatred in the UK… Design by Tomás Almeida.  The familiar parchment covers of The First Law and standalone books had served us extremely well, but we really couldn’t see any way to develop it further, and didn’t want to take a step backwards, so time […]

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Sharp Ends US Cover

Following last week’s release of the UK cover for my collection of short stories Sharp Ends, here’s the cover for the US edition, coming from Orbit on 26th April… Daresay it will still feature a map internally not to mention, of course, just the same entirely wonderful 13 short stories from the world of the First […]

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Sharp Ends UK Cover

Those wonderful folks at Gollancz have released the cover for my forthcoming collection of short stories, Sharp Ends, and it looks a little something like this… Artwork by Dave Senior, designed as always by the brilliant Laura Brett.  For those who don’t know, it contains thirteen stories, all set in the world of the First […]

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The First Law Trilogy goes into Orbit

I’m delighted to announce that in September, Orbit Books are going to be re-releasing the First Law Trilogy in the US.  They’ve been publishing the standalone books since the start, and will be publishing a collection of short stories in the same world early next year, so this will put all the First Law books under […]

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Half a War

Rejoice, for the UK edition of the third and (for the time being) final book in my Shattered Sea series, Half a War now has a cover and copy. Behold: Words are weapons Princess Skara has seen all she loved made blood and ashes. She is left with only words. But the right words can […]

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Half the World UK Cover

Yes indeed, SFX have revealed the UK hardback cover for Half the World… I said, “Half The World is the story of Thorn, a young woman determined to take a man’s place as a warrior, who finds herself on the crew of the deep-cunning Father Yarvi, undertaking a dangerous voyage up the unmapped rivers of the […]

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Half a French King

Apologies for the limited posting around here of late, it’s many years since I didn’t make at least one post a week on the site, but my nose is to the grindstone after all the events trying to get a decent second draft of Half a War together by year’s end, plus various finishing tasks for […]

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Half a King Book Trailer

So Harper Collins have put up their book trailer for Half a King, and I think it’s really rather excellent… I’m generally a wee bit ambivalent on Book Trailers – I think reach often exceeds grasp and you end up with slightly embarrassing live action efforts where a lot of resources have clearly been expended […]

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Rogues Published, Half a King Soon

GRRM and Gardner Dozois’ latest cross-genre mega-anthology ROGUES has published in the US today, featuring stories from GRRM himself, Gillian Flynn, Neil Gaiman, Connie Willis, Pat Rothfuss, Scott Lynch, Paul Cornell, Cherie Priest and little old me, among many others.  My contribution is a hefty 12,000 word novelette, as it goes, following an eventful night […]

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