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Heroes Limited Interiors

It just so happens that I’m currently signing a stack of signature pages which will later be bound into Subterranean Press’ limited edition of The Heroes, and I thought I’d share with you the first of five (count ’em, five) black and white interior illustrations from the incomparable Raymond Swanland: I’ve so far seen one […]

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The Heroes Limited

I love that moment when I can once again step back and let Raymond Swanland kick your ass. Click for far more detail.  Cover art for the limited edition of The Heroes by the wonderful Subterranean Press, and it’s a total wraparound, front and back, double a-side.  Lettered editions have already sold out, I am […]

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New UK Covers

Few people know better than I how incredibly jumpy people get about covers, so before I say anything else let me reassure the public that mass-market paperbacks of the First Law and its standalone sequels in the original parchmenty style (B-Format, or slightly larger mass market paperbacks about 7.75 inches high) will continue to be […]

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Ninefingers Sculpture II

So I said to David Jennison, “ignore the comments, man, don’t listen to the jackals.  Half the time they all want different things and half the time they don’t know what they want.  That’s why they need us to tell them what they want.”  But being the giving kind of guy he is, he was […]

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Ninefingers Sculpture

Occasionally folks send me things they’ve done that are related to my books, and if they’re good, maybe I post them here.  David Jennison is a character artist for Sony Online, and this is his vision of Master Ninefingers: Click on for considerable extra detail.  It’s always great to see an artist using their skills […]

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Red Country Artwork: Colour me Bad

We’d pretty much arrived at a final cover in terms of elements and arrangements, but there was some concern that the colour was too close to the previous books, and we needed to take things in a slightly different direction.  So Laura cooked up a few different colour treatments… I and my editor then argued […]

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Red Country Artwork: Design

Maps and knives present and correct, now comes the time for virtuoso designer Laura Brett to put her dark arts to work and combine the two.  This is actually quite a drawn out process, with a lot of steady input from me and my editor, so I won’t show every step along the way, but […]

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Red Country Artwork: Knives

We’d done a sword, we’d done an axe, which left us with the question, ‘what weapon now shall we use upon our cover?’  Other styles of sword, mace, morningstar, and bow were considered, but they seemed either repetitive, lacking impact, or not especially appropriate to the book.  The answer?  You can never have too many […]

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Red Country Artwork: Map

For the last few books I’ve done a little series of posts about how the cover art came together, for those interested in such things, so I though I might as well do something similar for Red Country.  The concept was basically set with Best Served Cold and developed a little with the Heroes and […]

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Red Country UK Cover

Lookee here: A nearly final version.  For the full effect, here: You can never have too many knives.  Yes, indeed, a development of the theme from the last two books but, you know, if it ain’t broke, as they say, why fix?  I continue to love the way these UK covers blend something a little bit fantasy […]

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