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Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls seems to have somewhat divided opinion, and indeed it’s divided my opinion rather.  An amazing technical achievement in some ways with great acting impressively captured, some stupendous visuals and spectacular sequences, an intense piece of storytelling that hits much more than it misses, but as a game it can be a limited […]

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Grand Theft Auto V

There’s been a great deal of virtual ink expended on Grand Theft Auto V, by some margin the fastest-selling entertainment product in history.  Plus it’s been out a while now, so I’ll keep it relatively simple… I remember playing the original top-down, most definitely niche GTA back in, er, 1806, I think it was, and […]

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The Last of Us

A good friend of mine with whom I play a lot of games often tells me, with good reason, that I hate everything.  So it is with some surprise that I admit to having really liked – if not to say loved – the last three games I’ve played.  More surprising still, my long-established taste […]

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Bioshock Infinite

The short version – though not without some significant shortcomings, this is an often spectacular, occasionally stunning, in many ways groundbreaking piece of work with some of the wildest ideas and design – and definitely the best companion – I’ve ever seen in a video game. If you’ve got the slightest interest in games you […]

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Tomb Raider

This was really, really good. In ways that video games often are, but also in ways they often aren’t. I remember the first Tomb Raider coming out in – Wikipedia says 1996, would you believe – with an unprecedented marketing drive, game-changing graphics, and exploration of detailed 3d worlds like never before. Lara Croft became […]

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2012 in Review

Worst.  Christmas.  Ever.  I was hit with a stomach bug late Christmas Eve and only got out of bed all day to haunt the bathroom saying, ‘oh god, oh god, oh god.’  In total, I ate four shreddies.  Only member of the household to escape was my wife, and in a sense hers was the […]

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X-Com Enemy Unknown

Good game, good game.  Aliens threaten Planet Earth, and only the X-Com project (think men in black meets starship troopers) stands in their way.  They do this at linked strategic and tactical levels.  At the strategic, you build up your subterranean bunker, research new technologies, defend against UFOs with fighter craft and generally manage and […]

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Darksiders II

Death is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse!  Who, are, er, the last four of a race of insane hybrids of angel and devil, and charged with keeping the balance between heaven and hell.  And one appears to be a woman.  A horsewoman, presumably.  Of the apocalypse!  But I digress.  Death’s co-horseperson War […]

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Dragon’s Dogma

I liked this a lot, overall, though not without its wrinkles.  An RPG that’s somewhere between the Western and Japanese traditions, maybe.  Kind of Skyrim meets Dark Souls without the loopy scale of the former or the loopy difficulty of the latter, and a little less atmosphere than either.  It reminded me somewhat of the […]

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Max Payne 3

Dragon’s Dogma has turned up and that’s looking very, very much like my cup of time-sink, so it looks like Max Payne 3 will remain uncompleted, at least for the time being, and I can’t say I’m all that sorry.  I can remember the first game pretty distinctly, from way back when, and it sticks […]

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