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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

You know what, I actually quite enjoyed this.  It weren’t no Skyrim, it weren’t no Mass Effect, but it was an enjoyable enough way to spend a few evenings.  Quite a lot of evenings, actually, as it is undoubtedly massive.  Perhaps a bit too big to maintain interest throughout.  A little less size and more […]

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Mass Effect 3

With a few reservations, I thought this was a bloody brilliant game, capping off a trilogy through which you can take a single character, earlier decisions having (some) later impacts.  As far as RPGs go, in a sense it represents the opposite approach to the other current class-leader, Skyrim.  Where that game provides a vast […]

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Uncharted 3

I really am spoiling you lot with the level of posting on this blog as late.  It is positively snowing high quality bloggage around here.  Let us see whether this continues into – I don’t know – the second half of January?  Anyway, to the matter.  The latest game wot I have played is Uncharted […]

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Batman: Arkham City

I really liked Arkham Asylum, thought it was one of those games where every detail has been polished until it sparkles, that provided some clever and innovative gameplay, and that, above all, managed to make every aspect somehow quintessentially batman.  Certainly disarmed, knocked the absolute crap out of, snapped the wrists of and left handcuffed […]

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2011 In Review

37 today, and another year flows beneath the bridge.  Go quick, don’t they?  From a personal standpoint I moved back into my house and continued the long building project, only now lurching dysfunctionally to a close.  Had a third baby.  Published a fifth book.  The good thing about babies is that they’re actually quite good […]

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Viking Stylings

Leif Johnson interviewed me recently for an article over at The Escapist about the use of Viking culture in Skyrim, and indeed the relative underuse of Viking themes in computer games.  Well worth a look for those many of you who’ve been playing it over the last few weeks.  I thought I might as well […]

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OK, so it may sound like a sex act you’d perform to get into the mile-high club, but it’s an absolutely brilliant game.  Nowhere in RPGs will you get anything that comes close for scale, grandeur, variety, content, immersiveness.  It’s magnificent. To a degree that’s always been true of the elder scrolls games – their […]

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Skyrim (so far)

Oh, this is really good.  Tools down.  Cancel Christmas.  You will see me in three months.

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Dark Souls

I can’t take this… Yes, more strange, inscrutable gothic fantasy with the difficulty level ramped right up to INSANE from the folks who tested your sanity with Demon’s Souls.  In many ways this game appears a big improvement over the last one, which was certainly interesting itself.  The upsides?  The game world is pretty amazing, […]

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Infamous 2

Yes, very good indeed.  Electric superhero Cole McGrath has the choice of aiding the citizens of New Marais in their struggle against plague, fascist militia and mutant freakoids, or cackling evilly while he visits a new reign of terror upon them, and it’s all implemented very nicely.  The New Orleans style setting is big, varied […]

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