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Down Under

So after saying I wouldn’t be around for a few weeks, here I am again, jetlagged, in Australia.  That’s some gruelling journey right there, 27 hours by cab, train, train again, plane, plane again, and cab again, but, man, the weather is good. Anyway, a few things to draw your attention to, in passing.  There’s […]

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Fantasy Faction Podcast

While at the SFX Weekender in Prestatyn, those two nice young men from Fantasy Faction interviewed me in a room full of snooker tables.  You may witness the results, largely consisting of me speaking very quickly, upon their podcast.  We talk of books past, books present, and books yet to come, among other things.  Quickly, in […]

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Ask me Anything

Ever dreamed of asking me a question but couldn’t be arsed to post on this blog?  Then all your dreams they come true, for between the hours of 11pm-1am GMT (That’s 5-7PM Central) on Tuesday Jan 10th I will be responding in real time to  questions posed by the generally public over at Reddit’s fantasy […]

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Viking Stylings

Leif Johnson interviewed me recently for an article over at The Escapist about the use of Viking culture in Skyrim, and indeed the relative underuse of Viking themes in computer games.  Well worth a look for those many of you who’ve been playing it over the last few weeks.  I thought I might as well […]

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The Gateway

My Dark Masters at Gollancz have unveiled an interesting project – they’re using the latest digital e-book-ification technology to make available the entire backlists of various past (and in some cases current) giants of the genre, some of which are available dead tree style on their Science Fiction and Fantasy Masterworks lists, but a lot […]

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My Favourite Game and Other Stories

It positively snows interviews with me lately, for Edge Magazine have conducted one for their regular piece, My Favourite Game, in which some major celebrity, pillar of the community, hero to the common man, or entirely unknown fantasy author hold forth on video games.  It’s in the print version too, in case you still read […]

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SciFiNow FantasyCon Interview

Few.  That’s a bit of a mouthful.  But it does describe the situation, for SciFiNow are conducting interviews with the Guests of Honour at this year’s FantasyCon, and this week they’re talking to none other than me.  We talk about leading lights, exploding careers, moral ambiguity, the wild west and so on. Incidentally, FantasyCon 2011 […]

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In Conversation with GRRM

I note that some fiend has uploaded the Book Show interview I did with GRRM to YouTube.  Naturally, I entirely condemn such outrageous behaviour.  But I suppose there’s no way I can stop people watching it HERE and HERE…

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The clue is in the title, really. There’s an interview with me up at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, touching on subjects such as the line between fascination and disgust, brick and mortar versus online success, grit and subversion, and your money.  You’ll love it.

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Game of Thrones etc.

So here’s an exciting thing.  For me, anyway.  And possibly even for you if you’re a lover of gritty fantasy literature (which you probably are, given that you’re here).  I’m flying out to LA on Thursday morning to interview George RR Martin for a Sky Books Special.  I know!  Your favourite grandmaster of edgy fantasy […]

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