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Progress Report April ’24

Last time I announced that The Devils was basically finished, this time I’ll announce that it’s even more basically finished, the copy edit having been done and sent back. US and UK cover art is now pretty much finalised, more about that when it’s appropriate, and we’re currently working on some exciting internal art. In fact the book’s so near to being finished that when I was in New York recently I stopped into the offices of Tor, the US publisher, to sign a few very advance reader copies:

And no, you can’t have one. These are strictly for the best people, the VIPs, the taste-makers and industry leaders. Or so they tell me. I didn’t even get one (mind you I’ve already read it, it was brilliant incidentally). There’ll be a much bigger round of ARCs and electronic galleys going out later in the year, but it won’t actually be coming out till May 2025, I’m afraid, by which time the sequel will hopefully be close to finished.

Talking of which, I’ve revised the first part of that one and sent it off to my editors just to prove that I’ve been doing something (and to garner their valued opinions). Quite the shambles right at the moment, being honest. The characters that appear in it from the previous book are all working well, giving rise to some HILARIOUS SEQUENCES but the new characters really haven’t come together yet giving rise to some BORING SHITE. Still, I trust over time the pressure will crush that shite into diamonds, as I plan out and write the rest of the book and work out just what the hell I’m doing with it. Some thinking and planning time definitely needed to fill in the blanks before I think about setting out to write the next chunk. Probably a good old bit of reading around the subject and repeatedly revising what I’ve already got too.

Right now I’m taking a break from the books to do a few film and tv things I am frustratingly unable to discuss. Still nothing I can say about the Best Served Cold film, sadly. Lots of backroom wrangling going on but nothing to trouble the industry papers with. I hope you took my advice, and didn’t hold your breath…

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Progress Report February ’24

A day late and a dollar short on this one, for which I blame February and its inadequate number of days. A disappointing month, even in a leap year. But the work continues . . . The Devils is basically finished, line edit done, and its copy edit should be coming back shortly – generally […]

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2023 In Review

My God, can it truly be that another year has flashed past? Happy Birthday to me! 49 today, 17 years since I was first published and god damn it if I’m not still a fresh new voice in this genre. This time last year I was hoping for better times ahead following twelve months of […]

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Progress Report October ’23

Happy Halloween! Hard to believe we’re almost at the end of 2023. Ooooh, they go faster every year, though, don’t they, things aren’t what they used to be when I were a lad etc. The WGA strike is at an end, which is great, and even greater, it seems from most reports that the writers… […]

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Progress Report August ’23

Time ticks away… The current WGA strike is now well over a hundred days long – longer than the last one – which has of course brought all writing work on any US-based film and tv to a screeching halt. The writers have now been joined on strike by the actors, which really has killed […]

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Progress Report June ’23

The big news over the last couple of months is that there’s a film adaptation of Best Served Cold in the works. Not much more I can say at this stage. It’s in the casting and scouting phase and the script has been revised and rewritten about a million times. Doubtless it will need to […]

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Progress Report April ’23

A busy bank holiday weekend followed by a rush to get a contract signed has meant that I’m just a couple o’ days late for my April progress report, so here it is at the very start of May… The good news is I’ve finished a draft of the last part of The Devils and […]

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Progress Report February ’23

Finally, I actually produce a progress report when I’m supposed to. We’ll have to see whether that continues… I had a discussion with my UK and US editors about the state of The Devils thus far – three quarters of it, that is, and I think we’re all feeling broadly positive, though there’s a lot of work […]

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2022 In Review

Another New Year’s Eve rolls around all too soon, and we all know what that means. Happy birthday to me! 48 today and STILL a fresh new voice in this GODDAMN GENRE. This time last year I was crossing my fingers for better times ahead as the pandemic faded in the rear-view mirror. Hasn’t quite […]

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Progress Report November ’22

I blink and it’s been 5 months since I did a progress report, god damn it, so HERE IS ONE. I’ve finally finished part 3 of The Devils, and sent it off to my editors. We shall see how they respond. Hated it while I was writing it, which isn’t entirely unusual, but somehow always […]

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