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Progress Report June ’18

Six months into 2018 and I HAVE FINISHED A FIRST DRAFT OF MY ENTIRE NEW TRILOGY.  Let ring the bells.  As I’ve often said, a huge amount of work still to do, but what is usually for me the toughest part is done and, thus far, I am pleased with the results.  It consists of […]

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Progress Report April ’18

Four months into 2018, and I suppose I can just about spare a few moments from playing God of War (which is magnificent) to tell you lot where I’ve got to. With my book, that is. Not God of War. You can get more details of my current project in earlier progress reports, if you […]

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Progress Report February ’18

And so the progress reports march inexorably on. Two months into 2018 already. My god, my god, where does the time go? Well, in my case, into drafting the last book in my latest trilogy! Where are we now? Well, if you recall, I have taken leave of my senses and am undertaking the insane […]

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2017 in Review

Hot damn if it isn’t New Year’s Eve once more. This means I must be 43 today. 11 and a half years since I was first published, but I still feel a little strange describing myself as a writer… 2017. Well, it’s been a gruelling year one way or another.  A year of inside-outs and […]

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Progress Report November ’17

By the dead, but I’ve actually delivered four regular progress reports in a row. Whatever next? This last 2 month period has mostly been spent revising the first book in my forthcoming trilogy, which now has a working title: A Little Hatred. One character had an italicised internal voice a la Glokta that I decided to […]

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Progress Report September ’17

Look at me with my regular bi-monthly updates.  Don’t get used to it, is my advice… I have now, I’m delighted to say, finished a first draft of the third and final part of the second book in my work in progress trilogy.  So two books down, one to go.  That means I’ve planned, written and lightly […]

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Progress Report July ’17

In line with my restated commitment to do progress reports every couple of months, here comes another… Work continues on the very rough first draft of the second book in my new trilogy, and I must confess that, for now, it continues apace. Good word, apace, I should use it more in conversation. For the overall plan […]

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Progress Report May ’17

Wow, just let me waft away the cobwebs and clear a mountain of tumbleweed off the stoop on this here blog of mine.  Feels these days like I make a post, I look away, I look back and it’s five months later. I’ve had a house move and assorted other life stuff to be getting on […]

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2016 in Review

New Year’s Eve, people, and you know what that means.  Yes, indeed, I am 42 years old today.  Can it really be a year since I reviewed last year? Apparently it can. 2016, then.  Bloody hell.  It’s been quite the year for deaths and political upheavals.  The blog continues to be in a fairly moribund […]

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Progress Report August ’16

It occurs to me that I have been pretty goddamn remiss on the blogging front over recent times.  Nothing lays that bare more than the realisation that my last of what were supposed to be regular bi-monthly progress reports was nearly a year ago.  I have become that author I never wanted to be – […]

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