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Reviews of Red Country continue to roll in.  Not satisfied with one, Locus have reviewed it twice.  Graham Sleight said, among other things: “It’s commonplace to say that what’s changed most in fantasy over the last few decades is diction, but it’s still a shock to run into a book like Red Country.  It’s not […]

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Back, Just Desserts, Vile at Times

Holy cow, I am back, and this time there’ll be no more travelling for a while, I am actually rather pleased to say.  I’ve racked up a fair few air miles, not to mention signatures, these past couple of months.  I had a great time at SupaNovas in Brisbane and Adelaide, and need to thank […]

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Still Down Under

Monday finds me in Brisbane, following a brilliant event with Ellison Hawker bookshop in Hobart.  A big thanks to Richard and the rest of the folks that made that happen, as well as the good people of Tasmania who turned out to see me.  I’d have liked to stay longer but sadly had to be […]

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Down Under

So after saying I wouldn’t be around for a few weeks, here I am again, jetlagged, in Australia.  That’s some gruelling journey right there, 27 hours by cab, train, train again, plane, plane again, and cab again, but, man, the weather is good. Anyway, a few things to draw your attention to, in passing.  There’s […]

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Plus ca Change

Red Country is published in the UK.  It sold somewhere over 3000 hardcovers in its first week, as a result of which it’s just scraped into the Sunday Times UK Hardcover Bestseller list at no. 10.  The Heroes made no. 3 last year, but at a far less challenging time at the end of January. […]

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Huge Discounts! Hmmm.

Good news!  Red Country is out in the UK in three days time! More good news!  It’s an amazon book of the week, and they’ve slash, slash, slashed the price of the hardcover to an it-should-be-criminal £7.64, that’s 55% off, or a saving of a stonking £9.35 on the RRP of £16.99.  It’s a fair […]

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Publishers Weekly on Red Country

A second review for Red Country, this time a starred one from that esteemed organ of the US Book Trade, Publishers Weekly: “Abercrombie continues expanding the world of his First Law trilogy with this gripping and violent stand-alone military fantasy, which loosely follows The Heroes. Shy South returns home from a trip to town to […]

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Book Trailer and First Review

Good news, good news.  Those lucky, lucky people at Fantasy Faction (who organised a fantastic event up in London last Friday with me, Peter Brett and Myke Cole, incidentally) have had the opportunity to read a proof of Red Country, and have posted the first review of the book.  If you’re really sensitive to spoilers […]

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An Action Tour-de-Force

Time was I used to post every whiff of opinion about my books that google could sniff out.  Scrag end mention on an inactive LiveJournal account?  You’re in!  These days, I have to say, I’m a little more circumspect.  The quantity of opinion out there, it weighs heavy, and outside of the scramble of promotion […]

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2011 In Review

37 today, and another year flows beneath the bridge.  Go quick, don’t they?  From a personal standpoint I moved back into my house and continued the long building project, only now lurching dysfunctionally to a close.  Had a third baby.  Published a fifth book.  The good thing about babies is that they’re actually quite good […]

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