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Good News, Bad News

Ah, the lord he giveth and the lord he taketh away.  Some bad news first, I always like to start with the bad news, don’t you?  I am abject to report that UK publication of the Heroes has been delayed.  The good news?  It’s only by a week.  Yes, indeed, due to a scheduling issue […]

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Curnden Craw Week

This week I have mostly been revising the sections of the story featuring what is, probably, the closest thing to a central character The Heroes has. Curnden Craw is a Named Man, advanced in years, whose knees and nerves are giving out after years of weather and war.  He was once Second to Rudd Threetrees, […]

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Bleed me a River

Orbit US have posted the provisional cover art for the US Hardcover of The Heroes.  Cover your face now, lest you be sprayed with gore.   Art by Steve Stone, design by the blood-thirsty Lauren Panepinto.  There may be a bit of tinkering in due course, most particularly with the map, which the sharp-eyed among […]

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SFX Weekender / Gemmell Award

I have received a schedule for the SFX weekender, taking place at no less a location than Pontins at Camber Sands. Apparently there may still be some changes as the details get ironed out, but for the time being, here is my schedule: Friday, 12.45-13.30 (Main Void) – Gollancz panel, along with imprint stablemates Dave […]

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Best Of…

Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday dear me-eeeee… Yes indeed, another year of dry humour, wet nappies, sleepless nights, wonderful reviews, shitty reviews, and storming success drags to a close. So long 2009! Nice knowing you. A busy year, for me. I had a baby. I moved from London to Bath. […]

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God Bless Us, Every One

‘Tis the season of joy, and a merry christmas unto you all. I look out of my window at a winter wonderland, which looks lovely until I contemplate a four hour drive tomorrow morning. Brrrrrr. But christmas is not only the season of good cheer, smiling kiddies and presents under the tree. It is also […]

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Best of 2009? Already?

In what I trust shall be the first of many such appearances, Best Served Cold has been rated among the ten best sci-fi and fantasy releases of 2009. In other news, an interesting discussion about fantasy cover art over at A Dribble of Ink kicked off by responses to the latest Mass Market Cover for […]

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People Suck, War is Bad, and the World is a Bottomless Shithole

An interesting negative review of Best Served Cold from Elizabeth Vail at Green Man Review got me thinking a little bit t’other day, not only because it’s quite amusingly snarky, but also because it seems to coalesce some criticisms of the book I’ve seen a few times, and also hints at some interesting attitudes to […]

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What THEY are saying 09/09

Some time has passed since I last stole from port before first light and trawled the internet for reviews like an illegal trawler trawling the North Sea for cod in contravention of the EU’s fishing policy. Except that in my case, however hard I trawl, the stocks never seem to reach exhaustion. What a metaphor. […]

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Both Sides of the Coin

More opinions on my writing pour out into the ether with every exhalation, it sometimes seems, and some over the last few weeks from notable sources too. We begin with a review from Lisa Tuttle in no less historic organ than The Times: “Joe Abercrombie is probably the brightest star among the new generation of […]

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