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Call them what you like: Bound Proofs, Galleys, Advance Reader Copies (ARCs), Advance Reader Editions (AREs), Advance Reader Special Editions (ARSEs), they are a staple of the publishing world.  Essentially these are not-quite-final versions of the book sent out well before publication, to reviewers that they may have time to review, to other authors that […]

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True Fans

A short while ago I was admiring Brent’s commitment to the cause by getting a full sleeve done First Law style.  Ever since I have been positively bombarded by photos of people’s First Law themed tattoos.  Well.  Two of them. Step forward the chest of James: And the freshly inked forearm of Hayden: Congratulations, fellas, you […]

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Red Country Extract (and other updates)

Some of you may be interested to learn that I’ve put up a little extract from Red Country for your viewing pleasure.  You can see it here.  Just a brief taster to whet your appetites.  And the relevant links should now be live, for those who’ve been complaining… You may have noticed some other long […]

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Best of 2011

Ah, Christmas is well on its way, and what does that mean?  That’s right!  The endless round of Best of 2011 lists has already begun.  Isn’t that a little unfair on those books that will come out in the last two months (some 17%, after all) of the year?  Yes, maybe it is.  But who […]

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On Blogging

Hmmmm.  I notice it’s a good couple of weeks since my last post around here.  When I started blogging I always said I’d try and do at least a post a week, and by and large I’ve kept to that, at times nosing up towards two a week, indeed, you lucky people.  The last thing […]

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The Heroes – Published

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I recommend to you my latest book, The Heroes, published today in the UK by Gollancz, and available NOW from all quality emporia of the printed word, and for that matter of the digital word too.  Further information here.  I think it’s rather good, but why take my lying word for it?  Comments from […]

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The Heroes Copy

Final copy for The Heroes: “They say Black Dow’s killed more men than winter, and clawed his way to the throne of the North up a hill of skulls.  The King of the Union, ever a jealous neighbour, is not about to stand smiling by while he claws his way any higher.  The orders have […]

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Progress Report June ’10

Progress on the editing and revision of The Heroes presses doggedly forward.  I’ve finished a second draft which means I now have a complete and hopefully coherent book considerably tighter, more focused, slightly simplified, and lacking in characters who suddenly disappear and are never mentioned again.  It’s also some nine thousand words shorter than the […]

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Victory and Defeat

Back from holiday down in Devon, and I failed to win the David Gemmell Legend Award the other night, which went to Graham McNeill for Empire.  Curses.  But on the upside, Best Served Cold did win for cover art, so congratulations to the artists Didier Graffet and Dave Senior and the designer Laura Brett.  Talented […]

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Red Dead Redemption

The western is a genre somewhat neglected by the computer games industry.  There have been a few reasonable efforts over the years, enjoyable romps with which to six-shoot away a few cactus-themed hours, but nothing particularly memorable.  Until now, that is. Red Dead Redemption is in theory a “spiritual successor” (whatever that means) to Red […]

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