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Longmorn 16 vs Highland Park 18

The second of our quarter finals matches the well-heeled Speyside charms of Longmorn 16 against the highly rated Island character of Highland Park 18. Longmorn 16 – 48% ABV, £48.75 Highland Park 18 – 43% ABV, £57.95 Longmorn 16 very narrowly defeated AnCnoc 16 in a slightly uninspiring match between two unsherried Speysides that I found to be […]

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Glenfarclas 21 vs Auchentoshan Three Wood

A little delayed, but the second round of Whisky Deathmatch is finally upon us.  A slight change of format here, I think, since we already discussed each contestant in detail the first time around, so I’ll just link back to that, summarise, consider whether my feelings have changed on continued sampling, and then get straight […]

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Whisky Deathmatch: Winners and Losers

Twelve whiskies entered, six left.  Our proud winners: Auchentoshan 3 Wood, Highland Park 18, Longmorn 16, Ardbeg Corryvreckan, Glenfarclas 21, Balvenie Single Barrel. Our losers, stripped of their packaging and placed upon the table of shame: Bladnoch 20, Talisker 18, AnCnoc 16, Bruichladdich Infinity, Aberlour 18, Dalmore 15. Some general observations.  Firstly, glencairn glasses, or […]

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Dalmore 15 vs Balvenie Single Barrel

A slightly strange match up here, but then I bought a dozen bottles of whisky and only had this idea somewhat afterwards so in a way it’s rather surprising that they’ve so neatly fit into pairs by origin and style.  If I’d have thought it out beforehand I’d probably have plumped for an extra Highland, […]

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Glenfarclas 21 vs Aberlour 18

Whisky Deathmatch returns!  We’ve already witnessed a perhaps slightly underwhelming clash between unsherried Speysides, now two well matured sherried Speysides step into the ring, which is to say whiskies that have spent a fair amount of their maturing time in barrels which once held sherry, and with a tendency, therefore, towards an amber colour, and […]

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Bruichladdich Infinity vs Ardbeg Corryvreckan

Before Whisky Deathmatch, Whisky Newsflash, as Drinks Colossus Diageo, who own Caol Ila, Talisker, Oban, Lagavulin, Clynelish and many other distilleries as well as the world’s best selling blend Johnnie Walker announces the investment of £1 billion into its Scotch Whisky operations as demand soars worldwide.  Apparently Scotch is hugely fashionable, and no whisky producing region […]

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AnCnoc 16 vs Longmorn 16

Ah, a pair of sweet sixteens.  But if they’re old enough to legally have sex, they’re old enough to kill each other for our amusement… More than half of Scotland’s distilleries are crammed into a little triangular patch of northeast Scotland around the river Spey.  Lots of variation between Speyside distilleries, therefore, and a lot […]

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Talisker 18 vs Highland Park 18

Now we are most definitely talking.  Island whiskies are those distilled on any of Scotland’s islands other than distillery-heavy Islay.  Matured near the crashing salt waves of the North or Irish seas they traditionally have a slightly salty, sea-sidey, maritime character.  Probably the two most prestigious of these distilleries are Talisker (Skye) and Highland Park […]

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Auchentoshan 3 Wood vs Bladnoch 20

Whisky Deathmatch 2012 kicks off with a Lowland battle.  Lowland whiskies are traditionally delicate and subtle.  Perhaps a little out of fashion with the popularity of all that muscular peaty stuff, there are only five lowland distilleries working today, though with some more on the way, apparently.  Bladnoch, which takes great pride in being the […]

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Whisky Deathmatch

By popular demand, I bring you WHISKY DEATHMATCH.  Two whiskies enter, one whisky leaves, that’s the essence of it. We begin with twelve contenders, which I’m going to pair up like against like according to origin and style.  That’ll give us six thrilling matches and six worthy winners, and I’m then going to let through […]

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