Christmas Charity Sale

November 22nd, 2023

For the first time in a while we’re selling off a range of as-new author editions from the Abercrombie archive this Christmas, from some standard UK mass market-paperbacks, via some hardcovers and boxed sets, to some rare limited editions from Subterranean Press and Curious King. They’re being auctioned on e-bay with all proceeds (after P&P) going to Shelter in the UK. We can post internationally but it can be somewhat of an expensive pain in the arse so we’ll have to give you a quote for that after the fact. Limited editions are labelled artist’s proofs on the numbering page – they’re identical to the numbered editions in terms of illustrations/paper/binding etc. but have an AP designation on the signature page, rather than a number. You can find the selection OVER HERE, and happy bidding…

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  • Basil Kuklin says:

    I know the best soundtrack (score, ost) for movie Better Served Cold, just listen – Cavendish – Spiral Radius

  • Jaden says:

    I’m an avid audiobooks listener and one of my favorite parts of your stories was how Steven Pacey was able to get the voices of each of the characters so well done. I was wondering if he might be returning for The Devils?

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