Come to Eastercon and get Wood…ing

March 31st, 2010

A little reminder that I shall be at Eastercon this easter weekend, from Friday through to Sunday, at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow.  I will probably be found in the bar for the majority, and will of course be more than glad to discuss how great/mediocre/disgraceful my books are/sign anything you like at any time, but specifically I will be found:

Saturday, 12.00-13.00, Hotel Lobby, Open Autograph Session – come get your books and other things signed.

Saturday, 14.00-15.00, Connaught, Writers and the Web – I know, what do I know about that internet nonsense?  But come see me reveal my ignorance in any case.

Also at Eastercon will be my Gollancz stablemate Chris Wooding (we don’t actually all live together in a stable, in fact, it’s a battered 80s caravan with campbeds and a single electric ring), apparently giving away vouchers for his book Retribution Falls:

I said it was good, I did, and now my opinion has been vindicated by those high-brow literary genre critic types at the Arthur C. Clarke award, no less, who have nominated Retribution Falls for the UK’s most prestigious science fiction award.  “Congratulations, Chris,” forced spittily through tightly clenched teeth with eyes that say, “I shall destroy you.”

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  • Harvey Quinn says:

    Where is this Joe?

  • Joe Abercrombie says:


  • Harvey Quinn says:

    I will be there, expect a long winded and in depth grilling on the moral and ethical effect of your writing on the UK’s education system, and the effects of deforestation in south america.

    I’ma get medieval on yo’ ass.

    In all seriousness, it will be good to see you / chat / get as much information on The Heroes that is legally possible.

  • Pink Ink says:

    don’t forget the children starvin in africa
    ( no joke)
    Man i wish I’d live in London maybe we could force the pace on the heroes a little eh joe?^^

    Besides what’s so great about retribution falls never heared of this one????? Is it like The blade itself or more like last argument of kings

  • Harvey Quinn says:

    Trust me, im going to be cracking the question asking whip with surgical precision, ending every phrase with the literary equivalent of “are we there yet?”

  • rick says:

    Pink Ink

    Retribution Falls is hard to describe. Kind of a pirates and voodoo feel, but set in a steampunk style, with metal airships. I picked it up due to the recommendation from Mr Abercrombie (I judged a book by it’s cover!) and really enjoyed it.

  • Derek says:

    Read it on Joe’s recommendation and thought it was a pretty good romp…..sorta like Firefly . Infact it was a lot like firefly , but thats not a bad thing because i liked Firefly….more please.
    Any info on this new Sam Sykes book , looks quite promising.

  • Mark says:

    I see your accommodation has been upgraded since the SFX Weekender.

  • Pink Ink says:

    sounds lovely
    i like pirates
    so what the hell i’ll give it a try
    regarding the recommendation of Mr. Abercrombie (grin) it should be worth a while ( if not some people are gonna get sued due to false recommendations^^)

  • Eastercon says:

    […] panel: Saturday, 14.00-15.00, Connaught, “Writers and the Web”. Some dude called Joe Abercrombie will be on that one, […]

  • Chris Upton says:

    Joe, don’t know if you’ve ever seen this but its a pretty good piece of fan art!

  • Elgun says:

    Hey Chris, I think its funny that I have had Retribution Falls since it came out in the UK and I live in the US and it is just going to be realeased. I have many of your other books which I own and make my fredins read, so that we can all sit gaping in fascination about everyone of your books! I also begged and pleaded for my librarian to get your books, especially some of the ones I didnt have such as Kerosene. She now has many of your books that are becoming quite familiar to my school which is very exciting! Most people want to shove your books down my throat because I dont stop talking about them but they’re just ignorant!

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