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September 23rd, 2010

To flesh out some details on the shortly forthcoming New York Comicon:  I shall be appearing on a panel that no self-respecting New York-living fan of fantasy will want to miss, with Naomi Novik, Jim Butcher, Peter V. Brett, and Brandon Sanderson, moderated by Betsy Mitchell, editor-in-chief at Del Rey.  The subject matter will be … epic fantasy, and it will take place on Friday, October 8th, at 7.30pm, in room 1A15 at the Javits, apparently.  I’ll also be doing a couple of signing sessions while there, I believe one on Friday and one on Saturday, but I don’t have the exact time and booth number right at the moment.  As soon as I know, you’ll know.  Or you could just look for the booth that has no queue.

EDIT: I have been informed in comments that my signing times are Friday 3.00-4.00, and Saturday 12.00-1.00, at the Orbit booth, which is number 2315.  Apparently I am due to sign for “the first 50 people in line”.  Don’t know about that – either that I will stop after 50, necessarily, or that there will be 50.  But hey, we’ll see.  Far as I’m concerned, I’ll sign anything within reach…

In other news, I’ve been up to London for a meeting with my dark masters at Orion about promotion for the Heroes, and I can tell you there’s going to be some pretty danged exciting things going on in the run up to publication in January, oh yes there will be.  Not least among them shall be a thrilling cornucopia of book-related reading, talking and signing events scattered like stardust across the map of the UK.

Before then, however, I shall be attending Bristolcon, in Bristol (no), a small and informal event, only in its second year, but which hopes to grow into a shining beacon of genredom within the Somerset area.  It’s on November 6th at the Ramada Hotel, Bristol, and will also feature Paul Cornell among other writers, artists, and person of a genre disposition.  More details to follow.

And finally, after a riotous time last year, I shall be once again braving Pontins at Camber Sands to attend the second SFX Weekender, February 3rd-6th 2011.  More details, again, to follow…

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  • Eddwigg says:

    Bless… the booth that has no queue, I seriously doubt that Joe. Good luck in New York .

  • Tyson says:

    Yay for States-side. Boo for NY only.

  • Doug says:

    I was very pleased to see you added to the guest list. I hope to get a chance to meet you there as I will be in attendance. Fancy a beer?

  • Troy says:

    hahahaha as much as i would like to see Mr. abercrombie come to good ol nashville tennessee I can understand why he would not wanna do that! But if you do bring some wrangler jeans and a cowboy hat :oD

  • Tenesmus says:

    Make sure someone posts a video of the NY panel on youtube or somewhere.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:


    Usually. My publishers have a few events and meetings they want me to attend – meeting booksellers and what have you. But other commitments allowing, I will undoubtedly honour you with the opportunity to buy me a drink.

    Troy, Tyson
    If you really loved me, you’d make the tiny extra effort of a trip to NYC. Seriously, I’d love to be doing more, but the US is a big place and resources are limited. I hope to do more in the fullness of time…

  • Phil says:

    My god, you AND Jim Butcher!!!! Why?! Why in New York?!! Why do I live I Guildford!!!

    Sorry i’m having a melodramatic morning apparently…

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    I can’t promise you Jim Butcher, but there’s actually a very good chance I’ll be coming to Guildford in January…

  • Awesome. Lucky Friday is the only day I’ll be there. I’ll be sure to come by for the signing. Might have to lug my copy of The Blade Itself to the show for you to have your tawdry way with.

    The info I found says you’ll be at Booth 2315 on Friday, 10/8 3:00pm – 4:00pm.

  • Bob Lock says:

    Oooh Bristol, eh? I might be able to make that!

    Now if only I knew someone who would draw a decent map for me… *sniggers*

  • Jared says:

    Glad that you’re returning to SFX this year. After much debate, we’re also going back (although we’ve thankfully found off-site accommodation…)

  • Seth says:

    For what it’s worth, on the NYCC website it has you signing on Friday from 3-4 and Saturday from 12-1. Hachette’s booth number is 2315. It also has a note that you’ll be signing “to the first 50 people in line”… you may have to prepare yourself for having fans, Joe! I look forward to seeing you there and making you sign all four of your books.

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    Mad Hatter, Seth,
    Thanks for the info, duly updated.

    Look forward to seeing you there…

    Look forward to seeing you there as well. Did I hear you’ve got a copy of T’Heroes, by the way?

  • Doug says:


    Glad to hear it. I’ll be happy to spend some money on you. If you get a chance drop me an email and I will be happy working around your, undoubtedly, more restrictive schedule.

  • Phil says:

    That is fricking amazing, was it the 2 Waterstones and Costa Coffee which drew you in?

    I don’t know how any one can resist.

  • Peter says:

    Is there going to be a bookstore signing as well?

  • Ian says:

    Yeah- are you still doing the bookstore on the 7th?

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