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October 10th, 2007

For those few of you who have yet to hear too much of me talking, there is an HILARIOUS interview with yours truly over at Fantasy Book Critic. I actually really enjoyed doing this one, as Robert went to heroic efforts to come up with some questions that I hadn’t been asked before.

Topics range as widely as Upcoming Releases, Fantasy Cover Art, Music and Video Games, Film Adaptations and Toilet Seats, as well as giving my favourite straw man of world-building versus character another battering. Take THAT, you straw b*stard!


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  • moonwitch says:

    Hi Joe

    Just read your interview, which was very entertaining. I also appreciated more info on what to expect in the future.

    Oh My!!! I’m so excited. Already fidgeting and squirming like a five year old looking forward to a trip to the circus.

    Anyway, below is a snippet of a review that I posted on Amazon recently. I think it proves that you really hit the nail on the head regarding what you were hoping to achieve when writing the ‘First Law’ books, as mentioned in your interview.

    ‘Being an avid reader of fantasy I was getting bored of the same old ‘stuff’.

    This book restored my faith in original writing. The characters are brilliantly portrayed. I particularly adore Glokta and his wicked one liners and thought process.

    The first two books in this trilogy have already made me laugh out loud, gasp with astonishment and also brought me to tears. Their are surprises that I definitely did not see coming and I thought I was un-shockable.’

    Hope it helps to see what the man, or rather women in this case, in the street got from your books rather than the professional critic’s point of view.

  • Bob Lock says:

    LoL that’s a great interview Joe, shows where all the humour in your characters stem from. Was surprised to see that Simon didn’t warm to the POV you used on some of the characters. That was one part of the way the books were written that I found refreshingly different, especially Dogman and Glokta. I liked the first person understanding of Glokta when we saw inside his mind and his thought processes. I liked Dogman’s crude turn of phrase, uneducated but savvy. Looking forward to Kings!

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