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April 8th, 2013


Posted in artwork by Joe Abercrombie on April 8th, 2013.

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  • Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    Is this the final and finished version, I wonder? Looks great.

  • RS says:

    Maybe when it is the chapter when we see Logen from Jezal’s point of view he will look more brutal… like this maybe:

  • TheFourthHorseman says:

    Well, the colours look really good, even if Logen, if it is him, still looks *too* good. I’m sure you’re not at all tired of hearing that by now. Oh, and these slowly trickling posts are apparent evidence of the Twitter disease that has begun its infestation in your brain. :p

  • bobbby says:

    The name of the image is “thebladeitself_o1” . In that book, i dont remember Logen using an axe anytime. He always had his sword….

  • Phil Norris says:

    “bobby” – I’m 99.9% certain in that open sequence with the Shanka he had an axe.

  • bobbby says:

    ^ Yes, you are right. Just reread the first three paragraphs of TBI.
    These three panels tell the same story.

  • Iangr says:

    W00t W00t!!!
    Is that a stump I’m seeing there on his left hand,in the second panel or am I imagining things?

  • Thore says:

    That is a stump on the left hand!


  • Sword1001 says:

    Eurgh! 10 fingers in the first draft, and now a stump magically appears in this one . . . If you can’t even get the basics like that (and Logen being an ugly blighter!) right, then I suggest you get a better artistic team mate

    I don’t want my image of Logen sullied by such a piss-poor effort, Joe. We love your work because it screams quality, not because it merely looks ‘cool’ – which seems to be the ONLY motivation here . . .

  • Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    Sword, it is always going to be different to what you imagined. Just as my image of Logen would differ from yours. Doesn’t make it better, doesn’t make it worse. Just makes it subjective, is all.

    If you don’t want your own image sullied, it will probably be easy enough to avoid the new graphic novels. As for me, sure I’d have preferred him to look older, uglier, more battle-worn, but my addiction is so that I’ll take anything I can get my grimy hands on.

  • Kieran says:

    Frank Fitzpatrick, It is true that an adaptation can’t be blamed for the characters not looking like what the reader has pictured in their minds, some people are needlessly critical about that.

    But then it is different when the portrayal goes against pretty much everything that is written about the character. Neither Logen’s description or personality show in the character we are seeing here.

  • bobbby says:

    “As for me, sure I’d have preferred him to look older, uglier, more battle-worn, but my addiction is so that I’ll take anything I can get my grimy hands on.”


  • Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    Indeed, but we are yet to find out the context of these panels. Perhaps this is a prequel? Perhaps it is a flashback? We don’t know until Joe gives us all of the information, rather than the drips and drabs he’s been teasing us with.

  • Sword1001 says:

    @Frank Fitzpatrick, I’m not complaining because the character does not look like the image in MY head, but because he does not look like JOE’S description of the character.

    That’s a fundamental difference IMHO.

    My image of Logen is based on the writings in the books, and I challenge anyone to find a passage which supports the dandy-looking Logen Joe revealed on 5th April.

  • Sword1001 says:

    Going by the missing finger, the panel is set after the battle of Carleon, where the “Bloody Nine” was named. I can’t remember the exact chronology, but I’m fairly sure Logen was Bethod’s champion by then, and had thought most of the ‘gang’ already (ThreeTrees, Dogman, Black Dow etc). It’s fair to say he’d already be pretty beaten up.

    This is a more accurate image of Logen imo:

  • Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    Sword, that too is closer to how I envision Logen. But as I said, we are seeing this panel out of context. Wait until all of the facts are available before writing off the graphic novel. Worst case scenario is, you simply save a bit of money and can always just return to the original source.

  • Lewis says:

    I’m picturing a fucked up Henry Cooper type face crossed with Eric the Northman from True Blood personally!

  • Sword1001 says:

    Frank, tbh, the above panel does not bother me as much as the one produced on 5th April – that’s the one that really annoyed me as it’s so far removed from the Logen in the book. Yet we must assume for now that it’s the basis for the image of Logen in the graphic novel (otherwise why show it?) a panel of which is above

    I prefer my skeptical approach to your “I’ll buy any old tat” approach, as I know mine is more likely to see better results . . .

  • Kreso says:

    Damnit… Now, after these sneaky teases, if there is NOT a graphic novel, it’ll be massively disappointing.

    If there IS a graphic novel – and the artwork is fantastic, with wonderful coloring – TAKE MY MONEY NOW PLEASE.

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  • Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    Sword, nothing wrong with your approach, at all mate. Unfortunately, when it comes to Mr. Abercrombie, I’m somewhat of a fan boy.

    I wish us both good health and happy ventures in life.

  • Hawkeye says:

    Sword1001, the stump didn’t “magically” appear. It appeared because the artist made it so, no magic to it. It’s common for artists to add final touches throughout different phases, just like you see here. It made it before it was published so it was done right in the first place. You need to chill. If your vision of Logen can’t be sullied then don’t buy it. I imagine lots of people didn’t like how Frodo looked in the movies, or Jon Snow or whatever but in the end it was the authors story that stood out and prevailed, just as it will here.

  • Hawkeye says:

    Also, many seem to think that Joe had a say in the artist selection. I doubt that very much. He probably just had a “yes or no” say in the project but the comic company probably chose the artist.

    A question I have, how many graphic novels are published without having a comic source to pull from? Are not most a compilation? So perhaps this is a Dark Horse comic series. I think the Blade Itself could run a good 24 issues to get the full story in…

  • Guttershark says:

    I think Logen looks fine, good even. I’m more disappointed with the Shanka to be honest. In my minds eye the Shanka looked less like an Orc and more like this.

  • Sword1001 says:

    @Hawkeye, I was being facetious with my ‘magic’ remark. I just would have thought that such a fundamental aspect of the character would be present from the very beginning.

    Comparing this drawing to FILM portrayals of Frodo or Jon Snow is just silly, as it’s understandable that you can not always find a real person with the exact physical characteristics as a made up character. That is fine. But an artist has FULL control over their DRAWINGS, so there is really no excuse for not adhering to the character description (I am more referring to the drawing of Logen released on 5th April, than I am the panels above).

    If Joe does not have full control over the selection of the artist in question, then it’s not really a piece of J.A. work to my mind. It’s akin to another artist covering your favourite song . .

  • JenMo says:

    I don’t mind of Logen looks sexy, as I’ve had a long standing crush on him for some time now.

  • Ferdinand Kittlaus says:

    Logen looks like a teenager, pretty wimpy and small, and not nearly battle scarred enough. Try again!

  • FarmerMonkey says:

    I see the finger is already missing in the second panel. Does that rule out a prequel? (Or it’d be a glaring omission from a prequel in my humble estimation anyway.)

    I sort of hope it’s not a prequel, though. I think the only prequel of anything that I’ve ever liked was the Spartacus one, since it afforded us another season of John Hannah. It’s kind of like seeing a movie after a friend has already spoiled the ending for you.

  • RS says:

    I have recently sketched Logen and a Shanka, and put them on my website here:

    I don’t mean any offence to the artist of these graphic novel panels, but Logen doesn’t look like this. Logen has a butcher’s block for a face, and a slab for a forehead. I’m also pretty sure his nose has been broken lots of times. He is a warrior, primarily, (even though he is reluctant) and he is practical, so he wouldn’t let his long hair get in his eyes.

    I pictured Shanka as chimp-like, similar to a Neanderthals, but more monster-ish. They reminded me, somehow, of a monster that Ray Harryhausen would design. The Shanka depicted in the graphic novel panel seems more like an orc, something that is in more traditional fantasy.

    This is perhaps pointlessly critical, but The First Law books were the best Fantasy books I have read, and it seemed obvious to me what the characters looked like.

  • Mark says:

    He’s got no shoes on, he’s being chased by Shanka through the cold with an axe in his hand. It’s clearly the opening sequence of TBI. Soon after this panel he’ll be falling into the water. I will also own anything by Joe Abercrombie. While this image of Logen (if it is so) doesn’t match my own, it’s a graphic novel (hopefully) it’s not going to look like the characters do in our minds.

    I also agree with someone else, that I picture the Shanka as more chimp-like, almost a cross between a wild boar and an ape.

  • Anders says:

    They are called flatheads for a reason – but lets hear from the man himself.
    For the past few days we get these teasers but otherwise silence ?? Com’on Joe get in the game and lets hear from you !!

  • Joe Abercrombie says:

    You will hear from me when the time is ripe, and you shall all know joy (no doubt with some exceptions). Until then, scream your pain into the uncaring void.

  • Troy says:

    All i know is we little guys across the pond better be able to get in on this. Dont leave us out joe. My money is calling out to you!!

  • Red Snow says:

    I’d be excited if this is new material. If it’s a comic adaptation of the first law then it may reach a new audience but I won’t be rushing out for it. I say give it a go and see how it turns out. I’ll save my teeth gnashing for more important things than Logen looks too young/pretty.

    I eagerly await the response of the character design for the cartwheeling Glokta 🙂

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