April 9th, 2013


Announcement tomorrow…


Posted in artwork by Joe Abercrombie on April 9th, 2013.

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  • Morrigan says:

    Pfft, isn’t it all but announced already? 😀

    All I have to say is this:

  • Carst says:

    Say one thing for Logen Ninefingers, say he looks darned good in graphic novel form.

  • Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    You bugger. You’re enjoying our suffering, aren’t you? The anticipation is killing me here!

    Although I must admit, my earlier guesswork seems askew now with that dialogue added. I’m now assuming it IS The Blade Itself rather than a prequel. Either way, I’m bubbling with excitement.

  • James Webster says:

    Looks too good, if you ask me. Not that you were asking me.

    Who is this prettyboy? The pointy chin and manga stylised action will probably look fantastic in its own right, but is definitely a change from the scarred brute we know and.. er.. love? are scared witless by?

    Assuming it is a graphic novel, its probably too late to change it now. Sigh. If it isnt too late, please do!

  • Phil Norris says:

    I for one think this is brilliant, the look, the tone, and even Logen’s apparent youthfulness. So he looks younger, not as scarred, so what. I’m guessing the graphic novel will have somewhere displayed the tag “Based on Joe Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy”. those two words – based on – cover a lot of ground.

    People complained when the Stark children were aged up for Game Of Thrones, it didn’t stop it from being a great show and great adaptation. Logen (possibly) being aged down is the same in my book.

  • Sword1001 says:

    It’s easy to write ‘cool’, but it’s better to write ‘honest’

  • Dav says:


  • JK says:

    Everyone I know who has read the books has said that Logen looks all wrong in the pictures published so far. The Facebook comments are overwhelmingly negative as well. It is not just fanboy pedantism – it is the fact that the description in the books does not match this illustration at all.

    He does not look like the feared veteran of countless battles, he looks like the generic “warrior” from an RPG handbook illustration. The enormous Northman with a collection of scars is now a Conan-lite with a shaving cut on one cheek.

    I know we have only seen one page and one character design so far, so maybe taking a tumble off a cliff will make Logen closer to what seems to be most everyone’s mental image.

    I also hate to whinge about something like this when Joe is clearly excited about the project, but I was really disappointed with the character design, and I know I am not alone.

  • Andy B says:

    I always imagined him more as Thrudd the Barbarian, if he has to be cartoony. But otherwise, some kind of roughed-up Liam Neeson from Rob Roy.

  • Anders says:

    JK – I agree 110% !!

  • Sword1001 says:

    I agree completely with JK.

    I really hope tomorrow’s anouncement either includes a ‘toughened up’ version of Logen who is more akin to the book description, or explains why they have decided go for the generic look . .

  • Dking says:

    JK summed it up nicely.

    I’d be pretty disappointed if that’s going to be Logen in a graphic novel. I’d be avoiding it tbh.

    I feel sort of bad saying it, but better to be honest, right?

  • Slogra says:

    @Carst: Logen needs more scars! You can never have too many scars. I mean, the guy’s been through several fights in the circle. You’re going to get hurt. You have to be realistic about these things.

  • Storm in the High Places says:

    I am so ready for this Viva La Abercrombie. When and how much, take my hard earned money.

  • bobbby says:

    The dialogues/thoughts in this picture are the exact same as the ones in the book.
    I dont think Logen will be redesigned at this stage, but since we all are suckers for Joe’s work, we will buy it anyway.

  • Anders says:

    Bobby – you are proberly rigth, but I will be disapointed all the same.

  • Frank Fitzpatrick says:

    Well I for one am excited, Joe. 😛

  • shawna says:

    Love it. Absolutely love it.

  • keith wikle says:


    Did you envision Logen so young and handsome? I pictured him older, more gristled, sinewy, and well wolveriney?

    In my head I pictured him more like this guy:

    Or this guy:

  • Dan says:

    I love it. Don’t mind a cleaner more pretty Logen. It may be a strategic choice looking ahead to a possible tv show. No doubt the actor would be. “Pretty”. Ill take it if it means tv or movies for joe’s work.

  • Dan says:

    Also I would guess that this is an effort to broaden Joe’s audience not just to reward us followers. He probably doesn’t want to limit his audience to those looking for “man-thing” with a sword…

  • JK says:

    Sorry Dan, but I don’t know what the hell you are on about. I think the success of Game of Thrones is proof enough that you can adapt gritty fantasy without going PG-13 and making everyone pretty. If you believe that turning a memorable character into a Poundland Aragorn is going to improve the results, I don’t know what to say.

  • Dan says:

    I was just taking a guess. I’ll buy it either way. Guess we will wait to hear from joe on this.

  • Graham says:

    Glotka had better not be pretty…

  • Anders says:

    Dan – see Joes respons in yesterdays blog

  • Dan says:

    Anders, yea I saw it. I meant real answers, which are coming tomorrow I think.

  • bobbby says:

    Something tells me that Joe himself is not a very figure behind the conceptualization of this graphic novel.
    I dont think he could have approved such a Logen without some pressure from the publishers.

  • Brad says:

    I also agree with JK. I feel like a jerk saying it, but the change in Logen’s look is very disappointing.

  • Prez says:

    It’s the same old, same old. No film or graphic novel can match an individual’s own interpretation of the written word, that’s why we enjoy reading books! Your imagination literally takes flight! I for one will probably invest in the upcoming work, but unless the artist lives in my head (and I’m pretty sure he/she doesn’t) then the characters will probably not conform to my mental images of them. Will this disappoint? Probably, but it won’t detract from a great literary work.

  • Dan says:

    That’s what I think too, bobbby. I don’t think he can micro manage the artist on something like this.

  • Mat says:

    Is this the same guy who illustrated the bones graphic novel series?

  • Taco5 says:

    Logen = Marv from Sin City (in my mind at least)

  • HDW 3 says:

    Grit grit grit. That’s what I dig the most about the three books and Heros so far, its war, its grit, is dirty, ugly mother scratchers trying to kill one another. Please don’t make the mistake of losing the majority of us 30+ year old readers by making him a pretty character, f’ him up. Pub brawl, Mack Truck, Russian dock worker.


  • James Webster says:

    But a lot of the characterisation is built off the books clearly stated description. Jezal’s reaction to Logen, for example, the first time he meets him. He cannot see past the brutish appearance, and beholds nothing but a hulking primitive. His words.

    That entire reaction won’t work if a pretty boy Logen appearance is kept. The reader just wouldn’t understand Jezal’s reaction or the subsequent interplay between the characters.

    And again, this isn’t just a matter of personal taste, or that the existing readers want to see a “man thing with a sword”. Its just that it is a fundamental and explicit part of the characterisation, I’m sure deliberately chosen by Joe, to distinguish his protaganist from the clean cut handsome Conan-lites of other fantasty. Someone with Logen’s history is going to have a face like a chopping block. You’ve got to be realistic.

    It must be disappointing for Joe that these images have drawn mostly negative comments, but it seems unfortunately telling.

    On the other hand, I kind of understand that it may be a marketing thing, and perhaps it was decided that overall this particular artist’s talents were best, and a more stylised look was acceptable to draw in a new audience and eventually get them to buy the books. Who knows, until we hear properly from Joe.

  • Remus says:

    I think that even the title of these threads reflect Joe’s opinion about these graphics – “curious…”. Not exactly an enthusiastic title, right?
    It’a like when someone asks your opinion about something you’re not crazy about, but you don’t want to make it sound bad, so you say things like “well… it looks interesting, curious…”.
    But me – i have to be honest – i don’t think it reflects the books. And, as Graham said a few comments up – i really hope they don’t make Glotka this pretty…

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